Learn how to Compare Alkaline Water Machines with this Consumer Comparison Report & Review

Alkaline ionized drinking water made by water electrolysis has been extensively researched and found to have many health benefits for the human body. Although these machines have been in use in the Eastern part for the world for over 30 years they are now becoming very popular in the United States. Consumers are discovering many different alkaline water ionizer machines available in the US market but they are unable to efficiently compare the products to each other since the technology is novel to US consumers, they do not know what is and is not important when buying one of these devices. The water ionizer industry in the USA knows that since people are uninformed in this technology, they are easy prey for manipulative high pressure sales tactics which take advantage of consumers by spreading misinformation, lies, and fear mongering.  This Buyers Guide will explain what makes the various models different from each other, what the different features and industry terminology mean, and will highlight the deceitful “scammy” industry marketing techniques to be wary of.

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Older designs of water ionizer are characterized by having a single filter and a transformer. They have a 3 year or 5 year warranty.

There are 2 designs of water ionizers currently on the market.

The first older design of alkaline water machine to be mass produced uses a single filter and has a transformer for a power system. These are the older generation of machine, they use a transformer for the power system, and only have 1 filter inside them. When you produce alkaline ionized drinking water with these machines, you generally have to slow down the flow rate to get the higher ph water from the machine. This is a common characteristic of the old design of water ionizer which uses a transformer for a power system. Since you must slow down the rate of water flow through the machine when making higher ph water of 9.5 or 10.0 it can take up to 3 minutes to fill up a gallon of this water.

  • The main disadvantage of this design is that the transformer tends to burn out over time. This is the way in which all transformer power systems work. The transformer consist of wire wrapped around an iron core which modifies the voltage inside the machine. When in use the transformers get very hot. Over time this heat destroys the transformers and they tend to burn out. For this reason, alkaline water ionizers that use a transformer will only have 3 year or 5 year limited lifetime warranty. Due to the design, they tend to all go bad after about 5 years time. If you have a large family and will put it through heavy use they can go bad after only a few years. If you are a single person or a married couple you may get 5 years or more use out of them before the transformers burn out.
  • A single filter is not appropriate for all drinking water locations. These machines should only be used where the tap water quality is very good. In small towns and smaller cities, or on your own private well. Since they only have one filter, using them in big cities like New York City can cause the filters to clog or wear out in only a few months time.
  • The transformer design tops out around a PH of 9.5 or 10.0  It cannot make higher PH water of 11.0 or 12.0 used for cleaning purposes. These machines are generally underpowered when compared to the newer design of water ionizer since the transformer is not powerful enough to generate the higher PH water. Some brands have a chemical electrolysis enhancer solution for this reason. Some of these older models require this chemical additive to increase the electrical conductivity of the water so their machines can generate higher PH alkaline and lower PH acidic water. Models which use the newer design, do not require a chemical electrolysis enhancer fluid. If you are not interested in the higher PH water above 10.0, make sure that you get a model that does not require a chemical electrolysis enhancer fluid.
  • This older design of alkaline water ionizer usually has a Limited Lifetime Warranty or a 3 year or 5 year warranty.

Some older alkaline water machines use sodium hypochlorite or bleach!

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Electrolysis enhancer fluid uses sodium hypochlorite or bleach to achieve high and low ph.

As mentioned, older designs which have a transformer cannot make higher ph water of 10.5 or 11.5 without the use of chemical additives. These higher ph values are mainly used for cleaning since they kill bacteria on surfaces. Transformer based machines tend to require an “electrolysis enhancer” which is chemical solution which you must add into the machine to increase it’s ph range. These solutions use sodium hypochlorite – the main chemical found in bleach – to make higher ph water. If you do not want to add chemicals into your system to make extreme ph values for household cleaning, then you should opt for the newer design of machine which does not require chemical additives. You can see the process of re-filling the chemical electrolysis enhancer fluid used in some designs of older water ionizer machine in the video below.

A chemical fluid must be re-filled in older transformer powered models to enable higher ph and orp capability.

The 2nd Generation Higher Efficiency Design

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New Generation models have Dual Filters, an SMPS power sytem & true Lifetime Warranties.

The second generation or Newer Design of water ionizer machine uses a SMPS or Switch Mode Power Supply for its power system. This machine has 2 filters instead of 1. The model also has more plates in its electrolysis cell. The main advantage of the 2nd Generation Design is longer lifespan and greater efficiency. Since this design uses an SMPS power system, it does not suffer from the lack of performance found in the older generation of machines which have a transformer for the power system. Units with SMPS power systems do not require chemical additives to make high and low ph values.

  • The SMPS power system delivers high performance and long lifespan. You can make higher PH water of 11.0 or 12.0 with the SMPS models without having to slow down the flow rate. Thus with the 2nd generation design, you can fill up a gallon of high PH water in 1 minute or less when compared to the older design which can take 3 minutes or more. With the SMPS power system you also do not need to add a mineral or chemical electrolysis enhancer fluid. Since the power system is more powerful and more efficient, it can make the higher ph with the minerals present in your tap or well water.
  • The biggest advantage of the Switch Mode Power Supply is that it can last 30+ years. Since it is made from resistors, transistors, capacitors, and other electronic components that do not heat up like transformers do, the SMPS power system does not get hot when in operation like a transformer does. Thus it can produce more alkaline ionized water at a faster flow rate and for a longer duration of time. It is also longer lasting, since it does not get so hot it does not wear down as quickly. Think of diesel car engines and gasoline car engines, the diesel engines last much longer since the fuel they use burns at a lower temperature. The same is true of the SMPS power system, since it does not run as hot as the transformer runs, it last much longer, 30+ years or more.
  • The 2nd Generation alkalized water ionizer machine also has a better 2 stage internal filtration system. These models utilize 2 filters instead of 1. The two filter design gives you better filtration over the single filter design. When it comes to water filtration, it is in general a modular system. The dirtier the water, the more filtration stages you will need. Have a two stage system as opposed to a single stage system gives you cleaner drinking water.
  • The newer design also features more platinum coated titanium plates and more user convenience features. Additional bells and whistles like voice, under sink or counter top connection capabilities, higher PH and ORP ranges, faster ionized water productions rates, in addition to better filtration and longer lifespan.
  • These systems also have a Longer Warranty, such as a Lifetime Warranty which does not expire after 3 or 5 years.
  • This higher efficiency design is more appropriate for larger families, or more demanding higher end consumers who want the higher PH and ORP ranges or the additional bells and whistles. This design is also better for people who live in medium to larger sized cities where the tap water quality is not so good.

How Do The Water Ionizer Systems Work?

No matter what a distributor or in home sales person or any other seller may tell you, all the different alkaline water ionization machines work exactly the same way. All of these different machines from the different brands use the process of water electrolysis to make the alkaline ionized and acidic ionized water. The process of water electrolysis is a very old technology first discovered in the year 1800. There is nothing new or cutting edge or state of the art inside water ionizers. They are an old technology that is simply new to the US consumer market. The process of water electrolysis works by separating the alkaline and acidic minerals in tap or well water into two streams, one alkaline and one acidic. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are alkaline while others like sulfur are acidic. The water electrolysis process separates these minerals in your tap water. If you do not have minerals in your tap water or well water, i.e. if you have soft water, the water ionizer system cannot work well. It needs the minerals to be present in the water for the electrolysis process to occur. Most people have average tap water hardness or hard water, so they do not need to worry about this. If you have soft water, you may need to add more minerals into your water before it enters the machine for electrolysis to occur.

This video demonstrates the basic principle of water electrolysis.

How Do You Make Alkaline Water Health Benefits?

People want to drink alkaline water due to it’s purported health beneficial properties. The thing is people do not understand that Alkaline Water Has No Health Benefits at all! This is because any water with a PH above 7.0 is alkaline. You can make higher pH water of 9.0 or 9.5 by adding chemical ph drops into the water, or by adding minerals into the water, like if you add baking soda into the water. Simply raising the PH of water however does not incorporate any health benefits into the water. If you add baking soda into your water or other chemicals into your water to make it alkaline, you could be poisoning yourself by adding to much and doing it for too long a period of time! Read over the dangers of making alkaline water with baking soda , if you are currently doing this – stop immediately and consult a doctor! Over consuming baking soda in water can give you kidney stones, kidney failure, and even heart attacks! Baking Soda is made from Sodium Bicarbonate, a form of salt, so if you are diabetic or have other serious health conditions, you can kill yourself by making alkaline water in this way!

alkaline water baking soda dangers
Read the Warning Label Dangers Before Making Alkaline Drinking Water at home with Baking Soda.

Water Electrolysis – The only Safe and Scientifically Confirmed way to make Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits

If you want health benefits in your water, you need to make ionized alkaline water via electrolysis. Water Electrolysis is the only scientifically research and confirmed method to incorporate health benefits into your drinking water. This water goes by several names, the scientific community calls it:

  1. Electrolyzed Reduced Water
  2. Alkaline Ionized Water
  3. Reduced Water

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines use Water Electrolysis. Electrolysis is the only safe & medically researched way to incorporate alkaline water benefits into your drinking water.

There are Hundreds of Scientific Research Studies on the Health Benefts of Electrolyzed Reduced Water

You can visit the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website which is PUBMED DOT COM and search there for those 3 terms listed above to read the medical research which confirms the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.
When you see bottled alkaline water in the stores or when you see filters which add minerals or baking soda into water to raise its PH, you are simply purchasing higher PH alkaline water. You are not buying electrolyzed reduced water or alkaline ionized water, because this water can only be made by the water electrolysis process. Higher PH Alkaline Water is not the same as Alkaline Ionized Water. Using a chemical or mineral additive to raise the PH of water to make it Alkaline does not deliver any health benefits, and can be potentially dangerous if overdone.

What are some of the different Alkaline Water Ionizer Scams to look out for?

  • Unscrupulous sellers of what is called “Natural Alkaline Water Filters or Systems” will tell you that alkaline water ionizers do not work or are dangerous since they use electricity. These sellers then offer you a mineral adding filter which makes higher ph alkaline water by adding minerals or chemicals into the water. These scammers attempt to bash Electrolyzed Reduced Water aka Alkaline Ionized Water by telling consumers that water electrolysis is dangerous since it requires electricity. They claim their “natural alkaline water systems” are better since they do not use electricity and only add minerals into the water to raise it’s PH. What these scams do not tell you is that they are selling you a gimmick, which only raises the PH of water by adding in minerals or chemicals, and that this does not deliver any health benefits. They also fail to mention that all the medical research states that electrolysis is the process which is responsible for the health benefits of drinking electrolyzed reduced water, and that there are no medical research studies which say simple higher ph alkaline mineral water has health benefits. This is one of the biggest alkaline water scams perpetrated on consumers.  Since people do not understand the difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water,  unless they read the medical research studies, it is very easy for consumers to fall for this scam.
  • Ionizer of the Year Awards and Ratings Scam– There are many fake water ionizer machine comparison / company owned websites which distribute fake buyers guides that hand out bogus awards and ratings to their own models. These websites attempt to come off as unbiased comparison and review sites that have tested different machines and rigorously compared them to each other to determine which one is better than the other. In truth there is no independent 3rd party organization which compares water ionizers, sets standards, and hands out awards and ratings. Any buyers guide that rates or compares water ionizer machines and selects a “Winner” or “Best Choice” or “Ionizer of the Year” award is website that is owned and operated by the company and brand who receives the award in the “Free Buyers Guide”.
  • Anyone who tells you that only their brand of alkaline water machine can make micro clusters or that only their machine works is a flat out liar trying to rip you off. As previously mentioned, all the models use the exact same technology, water electrolysis, to work. So they all do the exact same thing at the core of the machine. Multi Level Marketing companies which use an uneducated sales force to push their products on consumers at exorbitantly high prices will say and do anything to get that sale. This includes lies and flat out stealing from customers. You should check the Better Business Bureau Report on any Water Ionizer Company before you buy from them. Some companies and brands have F ratings and even alerts out from the BBB for fraud!
  • Before you buy the machine, make sure you read the entire return policy and warranty policy first. Some companies will only let you return an unopened and unused machine. Other companies attempt to charge you sneaky restocking fees of 15% or more if you return the machine, no matter if it is used or unused! If the machine cost you $2000 or $3000 dollars, a 15% restocking fee is equal to a $300 or $450 dollar loss!  That is a pretty expensive “free trial”. You can read previous customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau or Rip Off Report dot com.  If you find excessive numbers of complaints regarding warranty and return policy issues, you can better avoid these scams, as the customer in the video below states, “I wish I had checked the Better Business Bureau before I made my purchase”.

Check the Better Business Bureau to avoid Scams.

  • Companies and brands which attempt to bash competitors by manipulating consumers with “Platinum and Titanium Poisoning fear mongering” are clearly attempting to pull off one of the oldest water ionizer scams in the book. You should know that platinum and titanium are used for medical implants in the human body. Anyone with screws or plates in their body and even certain types of dental work have platinum and/or titanium implants in their body!  There is no such thing as Platinum or Titanium poisoning. It is a scare tactic used to manipulate consumers and overcharge them. Platinum and Titanium are neutral elements on the Periodic Table, this means that they do not degrade or corrode, just like gold does not degrade or corrode. Any brand or company which attempts to manipulate you with these scare tactics, check their Better Business Bureau file or even RIPOFFREPORT DOT COM to see if they have complaints for fraud.
  • Companies which attempt to focus on irrelevant or out dated technology as a strength. Some brands that use older designs of water ionizers do not have a built in self cleaning feature. They actually require you to ship in your machine to them once per year for a manual cleaning, or buy an expensive cleaning cartridge every year. They tell people that this is a strength, since they can manually clean their machines, you do not have to worry about calcium buildup. Newer better designs of water ionizers have built in automatic self cleaning, which means you never have to clean them manually. This is a great convenience feature and is an advantage and example of progress and improvement in the technology. Who wants to pay to ship their machine in once a year, be without it for weeks to a month, and pay to have it shipped back while also paying for the manual cleaning?  It is almost funny how redicilous this is, yet they try to make it into a positive feature and a strength. Make sure that any water ionizer you buy has automatic self cleaning, so you do not have do manual cleaning. Only old outdated machines require manual cleaning.

To Avoid these Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Scams make sure you:

  3. Search for the company and brand name on those consumer review websites.

Your Unbiased & Factual Water Ionizer Comparisons Chart

You are the only one that can compare water ionizer machines without any bias. This guide was written teach you differences between the components and construction techniques used to manufacture alkaline water machines and to make you aware of the many different scams in the industry. Now that you know what makes water ionizers work, how they are made, and the different alkaline water scams to look out for, you can make your own comparison chart at home by following these simple steps:

  1.  Decide which design you want, the older design with a transformer and a single filter or the newer design with dual filters and an SMPS power system.
  2. Check Warranty and read the warranty description prior to buying.
  3. Check the Return Policy, read the return policy and WATCH OUT FOR RESTOCKING FEES
  4. Check the Better Business Bureau – Read over the complaints – Watch out for Complaints of High Restocking Fees – Refusing to Grant Refunds – Refusals to Honor Warranties

Utilizing this objective buyers guide you can build your own comparisons chart at home. Take notes, review & compare different models, and avoid high pressure sales tactics and tricks. An informed consumer will be able to navigate this manipulative & predatory industry.