About Water Ionizer Authority

About Water Ionizer Authority

It’s important to know about the companies and people you do business with. It’s equally important to know about the companies and people who are providing information that you may find yourself relying on to make an informed purchasing decision. We wanted to let you know who we are here at Water Ionizer Authority – our purpose, why we took this project on and what we stand for as a company and as individuals.

This whole thing started early in 2008 when my business partner, Marcela De Vivo bought an Enagic SD501. She fell in love with the technology, found the health claims valid and saw immediate positive results in her own health and that of her family. She thought the whole world should have an Enagic water ionizer and proceeded with confidence to share the good word with the world trying to get Enagic machines in as many households as she could.

It wasn’t long before she ran into challenges with the $4,000 price tag. While many of the people she spoke with believed in the technology and the heath benefits, many of them couldn’t afford the $4,000 price and either didn’t buy anything or found a lower priced machine. That’s when she called me.

My background is in sales, marketing and research. After researching the water ionizer industry I found that all water ionizers perform the same basic function. They were all made up of the same basic elements using the same basic technology. The only real difference was pricing.

I also found a bit of a mess out there when I was trying to compare products. Different sites had different comparisons of different products. Some of the review sites were actually owned or operated by the same companies who sold the machines that these review sites were rating higher. I could find no “unsponsored” source for product information or comparisons.

There was no real way to accurately compare water ionizer product to make an informed purchasing decision without making numerous calls to numerous companies and sifting through the spin and sales pitches offered by each. A light bulb went off for both Marcela and me and Water Ionizer Authority was born.

We’ve spent countless hours talking with water ionizer companies and distributors, speaking with authorities in water electrolysis and people who have disected and tested many of the machines. We’ve taken that information, put it in the best format we could for side-by-side comparisons and created this website.

In order to support our work we have made as many water ionizers that we’ve found as possible available for purchase through our site. Our research is independent and our only loyalty is to the consumer – the people who will be using the products shown on our website. Our goal is to help anyone interested in improving their overall health and longevity find a product that fits their needs and their budget so they can have this technology available in their own home.

Every water ionizer ordered through Water Ionizer Authority goes to support our continued efforts to provide independent and unbiased information on water ionizer products. We still spend countless hours every day answering questions that people have about these machines, continued research on water ionizer products & technology and the health benefits of ionized water. When you buy a water ionizer through Water Ionizer Authority you can rest assured that should you have any problems with your product, we will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to resolve the issue. We’re here for you after the sale and we prefer it that way. For us, it’s a way to track how the different companies handle customer service issues – which is information we will continue to build on and use to help consumers make sound decisions when it comes to a water ionizer purchase. Should you ever find information on our site that you feel is incorrect or would like to question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We make every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information but we are not infallible. There is a lot of data that we sort through every day and while we make every effort to be accurate, sometimes there’s the occassional typo or information entered in the wrong field.

Thank you for taking time to learn a little bit more about our story here at Water Ionizer Authority. We may be a small company but I can assure you, our business ethics and customer service can stand up proudly next to the best and largest in the world.

Romi SinkHealthy Regards,
Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority

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