Acidosis: The Origin of Disease

Acidosis: The Origin of Disease

All disease can be traced back to an imbalance in the body which puts undo strain on the organs and systems. As the body attempts to correct imbalances, even more are created creating resistance within the body to its own healing mechanisms. The combination of the body’s inability to regain its natural balance and the continued overworking and under-nourishment of the system results in breakdown and disabling of the body’s organs and functions.

The Cause of Imbalance

No matter how healthily we try to live, no matter how many of the right foods we eat or how much water we drink, we are exposed to toxins and free radicals every day. Free radicals are a byproduct of the digestion process. Most of us are born with normal body function and balance designed to eliminate toxins in the blood common to normal living in a health environment.

Over time, stress, poor diet and toxins in our environment, foods and drinking water raise the levels of toxins in our systems to levels which cannot be properly handled by the body. The inability to properly eliminate these toxins from the system results in high blood acidity/PH and the condition known as Acidosis.

Normal human PH levels are between 7.35 and 7.45. When blood PH levels go extend beyond this range, irreversible cell damage begins. The body is unable to fully eliminate the toxins and they are circulated and re-circulated to the organs and throughout the body. Rather than being fueled and nourished by healthy, mineral and oxygen rich blood, the organs are forced to run on tainted, toxic blood that does not contain the proper minerals and nutrients for them to function in a healthy normal fashion.

Symptoms of Acidosis

The earliest symptoms of acidosis are related to the low level of oxygen in the blood. Dry skin, mental and emotional fatigue and moodiness are some of the earliest symptoms of acidosis. Your next “warning sign” could be as plain as the nose on your face. Single or multiple “pimples” showing up are a sign of an over acidic system as the body tries to rid itself of toxins through the pores.

Other symptoms include bone and joint pain, changes in vision, weight gain or resistance to weight loss efforts. Increased formation of LDL-cholesterol occurs as the higher PH levels cause cholesterol to bind with heavy metals and toxic debris that cannot be eliminated from the body.

Correcting Acidosis

While some cellular damage will be irreversible, reducing blood PH can prevent further damage. Many symptoms of acidosis can be eliminated resulting in improved health, stamina and a greater overall sense of wellbeing.

Two keys to reducing blood acid are proper hydration and detoxification. Reduction of acid producing foods and an increase in alkaline producing foods also helps restore proper PH balance.

With regard to proper hydration, research shows that ionized water is able penetrate and thus re-hydrate cells more effectively than tap or bottled waters. The molecular structure of ionized water is often at least half the size of the molecule structures of “untreated” water. Thinking of the cell membranes as a filter, the smaller molecular clusters of ionized water are better able to penetrate the membrane to hydrate.

Ionized water also acts as a powerful anti-oxidant

Most drinking water carries an ORP, or oxidation reduction potential, of +250 to +350. The positive number means the water is “full” and while at the most basic level it is able to “flush” debris from the body, the water is “full” and unable to absorb toxins and move them through the system for elimination.

Ionized water carries an ORP of -380 and higher. The water is “empty” and able to absorb toxins from the system like no other water can. The most common immediate effects of using ionized water to balance PH are weight loss. As the body goes into “crisis mod” from the effects of Acidosis, it begins storing toxins in fat. Increased fat production and storage result. As the ionized water super-hydrates, toxins are drawn from not only the blood but fat and fatty tissue.

The Epidemic

Acidosis is rampant in this and many industrialized countries. Processed foods, every day stress and environmental toxins bombard populations reducing immune system function and facilitating disease from both infection and deterioration of the body’s organs and vital functions.

We are seeing more and more awareness of the ability to treat disease through restoring proper PH balance within the body. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity are all being successfully treated through blood PH reduction therapies. In Japan ionized water is a recognized as an effective treatment in Cancer patients because of it’s powerful anti-oxidant properties.

The more research you do on health and nutrition, the more you will find on the importance of proper PH balance for anti-aging and restoring health.. The more research you do on balancing blood PH, the more references you’ll find to ionized water to reduce acidity and blood PH.