Alkaline Ionized Water Relieves High Blood Pressure

Alkaline Ionized Water Relieves High Blood Pressure

Customer experience with alkaline water and high blood pressure.

“Joyce” first noticed an increase in energy and mental clarity along with relief from joint pain.  When she returned to have her high blood pressure checked, the results were so positive that her doctor thought she had been taking prescription medication.

“My first introduction to ionized water is through a friend who was selling the Enagic water purifier. Both my husband and I sampled the water daily for about 2 months. Both my husband and I noticed an increase in energy I also noticed an increase in mental clarity. For about 2 weeks we stopped drinking the water  and upon getting out of bed in the morning I noticed my joints were back hurting, at that moment I realized my joints had not hurt since I began drinking the water but I still wasn’t totally convinced. I resumed drinking the water and this time I paid careful attention to my joint pain and sure enough the pain declined substantially.

My primary care doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medication but I asked her to wait and give me a chance to get it down naturally, she agreed. When I returned she checked my pressure it was normal. She asked had I began taking the medication I reminded her of our agreement. She couldn’t believe it was normal without medication so she checked my pressure using the other arm, results were the same.

My husband and I decided to purchase a machine however, $5,000 for the Enagic was cost prohibited. So I began searching the internet for one that was comparable to the Enagic machine but did not include the overhead cost. This is when I found Romi’s website the Water Ionizer Authority. Her ionizer water machine comparison chart was exactly what I needed to help make my decision. I contacted Romi with additional questions she is friendly and I value her knowledge on all the products she features. Her website contains an extensive amount of information including non-bias expert input, which I very much appreciated. Once I purchased my machine (Tyent) Romi remained available to help with set up and questions. I recommended her to my friends, I definitely recommend her to you.”
“Joyce L.”

Relief from high blood pressure is one of the most common stories we hear from alkaline ionized water drinkers.  Within the first few days, almost everyone notices a change in their physical and mental stamina.  But it’s those trips to the doctor to monitor conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes that really demonstrate how alkaline ionized water helps the body restore its natural balance.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Joyce!

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority
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