Alkaline Water and Cyst Reduction

Alkaline Water and Cyst Reduction

Ruby is a Water Ionizer Authority customer and a great example of someone who’s done all the right things yet found herself with a diagnosis she never expected.  Too young and too committed to natural health to surrender an ovary as recommended by doctors, her husband discovered alkaline water and she decided to give it a try.   They purchased a KYK Genesis (now sold as the Genesis Platinum) and Ruby began drinking the water like crazy.   We weren’t 100% sure what the results would be but we’re all in agreement that trying “ionized water therapy” was worth it!

Here’s what Ruby wrote about her experience:

Hi Romi,

I have been busy with life.  I kept your email in my inbox as a reminder to email you my experience with the, as my son calls it, “fountain of youth water”…

Hope my experience helps someone.

One year and a half ago I woke up with extreme pain on my lower left side of abdomen.  I was pretty surprised and scared.  I tried to get up from bed, but the pain on my side grew stronger and stronger by the second.  I laid in bed for another minute.  I could feel the tears running through the side of my face as I laid in bed in severe pain.

To make a long story short, I  was rushed into the emergency room via ambulance.  After a few x rays and test, it was determined that I had a kidney stone.  I was shocked!  I was sent home to drink lots of water.

I have to say that I have been in excellent shape.  I almost 40 years old, I am 5’4″ and weigh about 107 pounds.  I eat clean and healthy.  I drink plenty of water, I work out at the gym five days a week, I take multi vitamins, and live a pretty happy life with my husband and two kids.  I even felt and looked better than I did in my 20′s…

Then why would I be a candidate to develop a kidney stone?  I am not sure.

I was referred to see a urologist who also deals with kidney disorders.  He looked at my x rays and also found that I had a 4-5 mm cyst in my right ovary.  What??  Ok, now I am really falling apart.  I could not believe it.  again, I thought, why me?  I never eat greasy foods, never drink soda, alcohol, smoke, etc…why is this happening to me?

Needless to say, I began seeing a series of doctors that insisted I have the cyst removed immediately.  I requested to get three different doctors opinions.  They all said the same and wanted to schedule me in for surgery right away.  What was worse was that not only were they planning to remove the cyst in bedded in my ovary, but take the ovary out as well.  Although, we were done having children, I did not want my ovary removed.  I thought, what if I develop a cyst in my left ovary?  Then what?  How will I ever enter into menopause later.

I refused to have any treatment done.  During the same time, my husband discovered the KYK  Genesis Water Ionizer or as we call it, our  “fountain of youth” water.  He told me all the benefits and how beneficial the clean water packed with good stuff would benefit us.

We bought the machine and I began drinking the water as if it was going out of style.  I figured I would give my self a few months of drinking the water and then we could see what would happen with the cyst.

As it turns out when I finally made the appointment to see my doctor again regarding the cyst it had almost been seven months.  I felt great.  My skin, my hair, my everything looked better.  I even looked younger.  I have friend ask me what new cream I was using, or what diet was I on.  After seeing my doctor she determined that the cyst had shrunk. to 1mm…she also said it had calcified.  I still needed the surgery since the cyst had calcified and the cyst at that point could not be reabsorbed into the body.  I met with a doctor that said that since the cyst had shrunk so small, she could be able to dissect the cyst from the ovary and save the ovary.

I went ahead and had the surgery done.  It has been almost 3 months since the surgery and I am completely healed.  After a week I was already up and going.  I have one very small scar on my side hip which has almost disappeared.  I continue to drink the fountain of youth water and continue to eat healthy and exercise.

I realized that water alone wasn’t absorbing into my body the way that the Ionized water was.  I am completely sold and would recommend this unit to anyone!

True Believer!
Ruby P.
Temecula, CA

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Ruby – and for allowing me to share it with others!

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority

Disclaimer:  Alkaline ionized water has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Individual results using alkaline ionized water for treatment of disease or injury will vary based on many factors.