Alkaline Water & Stomach Acids

Alkaline Water & Stomach Acids

This is an excerpt from a consumer question:

Another question that confuses me: our stomach supposes to consume the food in a acid environment, if we drink alkaline water, when the water hits the stomach, what happens then?   The water won’t be alkaline anymore, right?

The concept of ionized water is about bringing “balance” to the body.   Acid is always present in the stomach, but at higher levels when you are eating – a natural reaction that is part of the digestive process. When you are consuming water, the acid levels are reduced or ‘diluted.’

Yes, the acidity in the stomach does affect the alkalinity of the water, however the water is still of such a structure that the body can more readily absorb it and benefit from its alkalinity.

Many health professionals advise against drinking water with your meals as it dilutes the digestive acids that are produced when you eat, thereby reducing the body’s ability to breakdown foods. At they same time they advise drinking water throughout the day.

What we recommend is making the water you drink throughout the day “alkaline” water.    Ultimately it improves the digestive process through balancing the acids within the digestive tract as well as operating as a powerful detoxificant. Without the stimulation of chewing and food tastes, digestive acids are not stimulated and the alkaline water is left to do its work without interfering with digestion or reacting with excess stomach acids.

My former business partner, Marcela, has a son who was born with a disorder that kept him on acid-reflux medication from birth.  Within 2 weeks of starting him on ionized alkaline water, he was off the medication completely. I was with her on one of her previous attempts to get her son off of the medication and it was very unpleasant for both of them.  Ultimately she had to put him back on the medication.

Since starting him on the ionized alkaline water his acid-reflux is no longer a problem and she no longer has to give him medication for this disease.

I hope I’ve answered your questions here.  If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority