Alkalux Review

Alkalux Review

High-End Quality, Mid-Range Price

When we were approached about evaluating a new water ionizer product for the mid-range price market we were thrilled. About 70% of all water ionizer sales fall in the mid range ($1,500 – $2,000) price category. After putting the Alkalux through its paces over the past few weeks we’re confident in recommending this unit as a “Top Pick” in the mid-range price category.

An added benefit is the availability of color/style options for the first time in the mid-range price. The Alkalux is available in either black with silver or silver with black. Both black and silver models come with dual filtration and 6 presets (3 alkaline, 2 acidic, 1 neutral/purified) with full adjustability within each alkaline/acidic preset.

The Basics
The Alkalux meets or exceeds the basic industry standards for water ionizers in this price range.

  • 7 medical grade platinum coated titanium plates
  • 180 watts of power (standard for this price range is 150)
  • SMPS Power
  • Full adjustability within presets
  • 7 year warranty on parts & labor (5-year parts & labor is the industry standard)
  • Maximum alkaline pH between 10.5 – 11.0
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • On-screen filter life display

First Impressions
Right out of the box the first thing I noticed was how slim the Alkalux unit is. One of the “design” elements I like about Tyent products – and another reason I chose a Tyent as my kitchen countertop unit – is the unit’s 5.25 inch depth. Front to back it was the “skinniest” water ionizer I had – when pushed back flush with the wall it leaves plenty of counter space available for use.

The Alkalux now wins the “skinniest water ionizer” award with its 4.5 inch “front to back” clearance. If countertop space is at a premium, the Alkalux will leave you with more front counter workspace than any other water ionizer. At just Alkalux_silverover 16 inches high the unit is tall but the “skinny” profile still leaves plenty of workspace in the busiest kitchen.

The control panel is basic, easy to understand and offers options to manually run a cleaning cycle and turn the voice function off or on without accessing the system’s programming mode.

Once I plugged it in I noticed that the control panel stays lit – which is a nice feature in my opinion. At night it’s a soft glow that gives enough light to navigate the area without having to turn on an overhead light to get to the unit or figure out what to press to get water at night.


I hooked the Alkalux up using an existing connection plumbed directly to the cold water line below the sink. When I turned the unit on I realized I hadn’t made any adjustments to the flow rate – I keep most of my units at a 2 liters per minute flow rate for optimal performance – but decided to leave it at the higher flow rate to see just how well the Alkalux would perform.

Even at the higher flow rate, the Alkalux’s performance was impressive. I was pretty sure I’d need to bring the flow rate down to get the pH/ORP readings that most customers are looking for but that was not the case. When I started my testing I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was able to get desirable readings at every setting at the 3 liters per minute flow rate. In fact, in order to get 8.5 and 9.5 readings at the 1st and 2nd alkaline settings I had to go into the programming and bring the power settings down.

Our Test Results

Source water: unfiltered municipal tap water
Source water pH: 7.0
Flow rate: 3 liters per minute




Alkaline Level 1



Alkaline Level 2



Alkaline Level 3



Acidic Level 1


Acidic Level 2


Acid Drain Hose (unit set at alkaline level 3)


*Your results may vary based on source water pH and mineral content.

Alkalux_on_counterEasy to Use, Easy to Adjust
Most water ionizers now come with what I call a “safe default.” That means that no matter which pH level you choose now – acidic, strong alkaline (both unsafe for drinking) – the next time you turn the unit on it will default back to a pH level that is safe for drinking.

The Alkalux takes this one step further with the convenience of one-touch operation. There is no default and no need for a default. The on/off mechanism for the Alkalux is when you select the pH level you want. Once water is flowing to the unit you simply touch the icon for the level of water you want. Touching the icon will allow water to flow through the unit and produce water at the pH level for that icon. When you’ve filled your glass or spray bottle, touch the icon a second time to turn the unit off.

When working in the kitchen I often use multiple pH levels – filling a pot with strong alkaline water to start a broth then filling another pot with acidic water to make rice or pasta. You can jump from one setting to the next on the Alkalux by pressing the icon for the level of water you want next. Rinse your veggies with level 3 alkaline water, fill a pot with acidic water for making rice or pasta, then pour yourself a glass to drink at another alkaline level. The icon for the pH level you are using flashes on the control panel. When you’ve got all the water you need at all of the levels you need, just press the icon that’s flashing to turn the unit off.

Adjusting the presets to get the pH level you want based on your source water is just as easy. It took me less than 2 minutes to adjust the power settings on 3 different presets and bring down the volume. There is no need to exit “set up” after adjusting each level or toggle back through set up menu items to get back around to the next preset. Everything about the Alkalux operates with one-touch-ease.

Thumbs_up_MASTERSummary & Conclusions
Easy to operate, easy to adjust and powerful performance, I have no problem recommending the Alkalux to customers. With features and functions usually found only on more expensive models and a 7-year warranty this unit raises the bar in the $1,500 – $2,000 price range.

The Alkalux retails for $1,695 and replacement filter cost is reasonable at $84.95 for the set of two. Cleaning cartridges are available to remove internal mineral build-up that can impact performance of all water ionizers. At your request a special adapter can be included for direct connection to the cold water line. This alternate installation protects your Alkalux unit against hot water being run through it accidentally. It also frees up your faucet – no faucet diverter, no hose running from the faucet to the unit.

Once word gets out about this one I think the Alkalux will quickly move to the front of the pack with customers looking for the highest quality and performance available for under $2,000.

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