AlkaViva Launches 9-Plate Water Ionizer

AlkaViva Launches 9-Plate Water Ionizer

In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

This week AlkaViva announced the newest water ionizer in their line of ionization products – The Vesta GL 9 plate water ionizer.   In addition to almost double the number of plates found in their previous top of the line models, the Vesta GL features several other upgrades for optimal performance. 

While other AlkaViva water ionizers use a transformer power system, the Vesta GL features the next generation of SMPS power called “Smart Switch.”  The Smart Switch technology delivers power to the plates in short bursts, water ionizervarying the pulse times based on the mineral content of your water.

This same Smart Switch technology controls the new “Auto Adjust” feature found exclusively in AlkaViva Vesta GL model.  Auto Adjust allows the unit to consistently create ultimate levels of pH and ORP by adjusting the way the power is delivered during ionization based on the level of minerals detected by the unit’s computerized control system.

Auto Adjust

This feature operates by information fed to the Vesta’s advanced circuitry system based on the conductivity of your water.  The output signal (shown as blue below) is compared with the limits (green, below) which correspond with the reference signal (red, below).  Each time the output signal hits one of the limits the Auto Adjust feature changes the pulse width, adjusting the power based on the minerals in your water and the setting you select.

water ionizer

Auto Adjust for Auto Clean

According to AlkaViva, the alternating pulses delivered by the Auto Adjust feature switches the current so quickly and with differing widths which prevents don’t have the time or stability to bond with the surface of the plates inside the electrolysis chamber.  This means that the unit is actually cleaning as it is producing water.
The “AutoAdjust” and “SmartSwitch” technology were developed in partnership with Samsung electronics.  These technologies work together to offer optimal performance while protecting the Vesta GL from the effects of long term scale buildup.

Vesta Auto-Adjust

Dual Filtration

Like the Athena model from AlkaViva, the Vesta GL features a dual internal filtration system.  The first filter addresses some of the  most basic contaminants as well as sediment.  The second internal filter is a .1 micron BioStone filter designed to remove finer particulates, eliminate chlorine, chloramines and many other unwanted contaminants with the BioStone element preconditioning the water for ionization.

The dual internal filtration system should last for 3,600 liters or about 6 months before it needs to be replaced.  Your effective filter life will vary based on the quality of your source water and level of sediment and finer particulates.

Filter change time is indicated on screen and through system alerts.

Controls and Presets

As with other AlkaViva water ionizer models, the Vesta GL offers users 4 alkaline, 4 acidic and one neutral preset on the front control panel.  Your level selection is confirmed through voice announcements, on screen readout and color.  Red water ionizerindicating acidic selections and blue indicating alkaline selections.

The Vesta also features onboard flow control.  A flow control knob on the front of the unit allows you control the strength of the water by slowing the flow rate to produce stronger water at any given preset – or increasing the flow rate for less activated water.

The on/off mechanism for the Vesta is water flowing through the unit.  Because of the front panel flow control knob you can connect the Vesta directly to the cold water supply below the sink, freeing your faucet.

The Vesta will still sit on your countertop however instead of having a water supply line running between the unit and your faucet, you will connect the water supply line directly to the cold water line below the sink and bring it up to connect to the unit.  An additional part is required for this connection and is available through Water Ionizer Authority here.

When you want to produce water, simply turn the knob to allow water to flow through the unit.    When water flow is detected the unit “wakes up” and begins producing alkaline or acidic ionized water at the last setting used.

Safety Features

An internal temperature sensor detects heat from either power surges or hot water and automatically shuts the unit off.  In households using the standard faucet adapter installation, the risk of someone accidentally running hot water through the unit does exist.  This heat-detection safety feature will shut the unit off before excess heat can cause damage to the system.

If you ever accidentally run hot water through the Vesta or any other water ionizer, immediately switch to cold water and switch to the “neutral” or “purified” setting on the control panel.  You’ll want to run the unit at this setting until the water coming through the dispenser hose is cool and you feel no heat when you touch the front or back of the unit.


This is a brand new unit from AlkaViva so we have not yet tested it – we do expect it to quickly become one of the company’s best sellers.  It looks good “on paper” with smart design features and a sleek appearance.  We expect to have a Vesta here for testing in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for our detailed review!

You can view the full specs currently available for this model by clicking on the image below.

water ionizer

Click to view specs and available pricing.