Another Happy Alkalux Water Ionizer Customer

Another Happy Alkalux Water Ionizer Customer

“Works like a charm”

That’s what this Alkalux water ionizer customer had to say about this model.

The Alkalux is a great water ionizer at a great price.  I get more referrals from Alkalux water ionizer customers than any other brand.

Read what “Idaho Em” had to say about her new Alkalux water ionizer…..

My new water machine works like a charm:)   I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for your concern and helpfulness. You exhibited superb customer service and I have confidence in promoting your business and expertise to anyone in need of a rockin’ water machine.  There are soooo many uses for this water, I feel like I hit the Jackpot! I recently received a bouquet of flowers…and after putting them in a vase of acid water, they stayed BEAUTIFUL for about TWO weeks!   My water machine and I are happy campers:) Thanks again for everything, Romi…YOU ROCK!!
Thanks again for all your help, Romi…you’re the best!!
Idaho Em

How did “Em” decide on an Alkalux?  It started with her mother who ordered one earlier this year.

Within only a few days of receiving it she called to say she loved it and she had a friend there who wanted to order one too.  Then a few weeks ago she called to put her daughter on the phone with me to order one for herself.

The Alkalux is a great machine for the price – gives you everything you need from a water ionizer and has a cleaning cartridge available for annual maintenance to prevent long-term scale buildup.

Thanks for the feedback, Em – Glad you’re happy with both your new Alkalux water ionizer and the service here at Water Ionizer Authority!

If you’d like to order an Alkalux for yourself, please visit the Alkalux Store Page to check out prices and available discount packages.  Or learn more about the Alkalux by reading our review of this product.

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