Another Happy EC450 Customer

Another Happy EC450 Customer

At $650, the Watershed EC450 is the most affordable full-function water ionizer available.

But don’t let the small price fool you!

This machine does a great job of producing both alkaline ionized water at the 9.5 pH drinking level as well as varying levels of acidic ionized water.

All of my Watershed customers have been very pleased with their purchase decisions.  This is what H. Stewart had to say about his Watershed EC450….

Good Morning, Romi!

We are very pleased with the EC450 unit and we are wanting to get the very best benefit from it.  A couple days after starting to drink the water in moderation I developed a head cold.  I remember reading that this may be a side effect; perhaps this is showing that it is working?!

Thank you for helping us and you were very pleasant to talk to and very helpful.  We will recommend the product, and you, to others.  Have a good day and may God bless you.

H. and K. Stewart

One of the “detox” effects some customers notice when they first begin drinking alkaline ionized water is excess mucous drainage and “cold-like” symptoms.  This is one of the ways the body rids itself of unwanted “stuff.”

Mucous is one of the body’s “purging” mechanisms.  Excess mucous is produced to flush the “bad stuff” out – which is why medications to “dry up” your sinuses or chest congestion can actually result in a longer lasting or more severe cold – the bacteria is being dried up and trapped rather than being allowed to “run” out or be coughed up and out.

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Head cold-type symptoms are a common side effect experienced by new alkaline ionized water users.  As the body, including mucous membranes, become more hydrated, all that “stuff” that has been unable to be flushed also becomes re-hydrated which allows the body to usher it out.  The result:  Runny/stuffy nose and/or mucous in the chest.

Keep drinking the water!  Within a couple of days you’ll return to normal – only a little cleaner.  And you may find, like many alkaline ionized water drinkers, that the cold and flu season passes you by with little or no impact!