Water, Longevity & Anti-Aging

Water, Longevity & Anti-Aging

Anti-AgingIn its natural state, the body is slightly alkaline. By the time we reach the age of 30, the acid/alkaline scale of most Americans has tipped in favor of acidity. This is caused by numerous factors from the typical American diet (which is often quite acidic) unavoidable environmental toxins and stress.

Many conditions that most have come to accept as part of the natural aging process are actually signs of premature aging.  Our diets, environment, lack of proper rest and over-stressing our minds and bodies all contribute to premature aging.

As we subject ourselves to these things our bodies work harder to stay balanced.  Lack or proper rest and nutrition leaves the body without the essentials needed to bone losscontinue maintain its delicate balance – and our good health.   The result of poor diet and constant demand on our body is an over acidic system – which ultimately leads to premature aging and the “dis-eases” that we have come to associate with getting older.

Our bodies naturally try to buffer the excess acid by drawing calcium from the bones (a key factor in age-related osteoporosis) and other nutrients from they body. The result is muscle fatigue, mental fatigue and forgetfulness, bone and joint pain as well as dry skin, hair and nails, all of which make us look and feel older than we really are. As the body continues to deal with its over-acidic state, over time we begin to experience weight gain, poor bowel function, adult-onset diabetes and the beginnings of cardio-pulmonary disease.

Much research has been done on the benefits of water as part of a balanced diets to reduce the signs of aging and increase longevity. Here we will look at some things you may not know about the water your drinking and how even the healthiest levels of water intake can still be contributing to toxicity and working against your attempts to achieve the ideal acid/alkaline balance, which is the key to longevity and reducing the signs of aging.

All Water is Not Created Equal
Most of us at this point know that water reduces signs of aging through its ability to flush toxins from the system. Pure water, as it goes through our system, also has the ability to deliver nutrients, replenishing what is lost through exertion and free-radicals. What you may not know is that the body’s ability to absorb water is determined by the size of the H2O molecule clusters.

Oxygen in WaterMost waters, whether bottled or from the tap, are made up of clusters of 16-25 molecules per cluster. Just as powdered sugar is more easily absorbed in liquids than granulated sugar, water that is made up of smaller molecule clusters is more readily absorbed and processed by the body than water made up of larger molecule clusters. If you’re drinking tap or bottled water, no matter how much you consume you are still missing out on the full hydration potential of water. The key to achieving the highest potential benefits from water is drinking it in a form in which the body can easily absorb.

Water that has been filtered through a water ionizer is made up of clusters of 5-8 molecules per clusters. That’s as much as five times smaller than the average water most people drink! Your body is better able to absorb the water, oxygenate the blood and re-hydrate. The result is healthier skin and hair. Because the blood is better oxygenated, the lungs begin to function better leading to increased mental and physical stamina. Oxygen in the blood allows the body to buffer excess acid, returning the body to its natural balanced state so that it no longer needs to draw vital nutrients from other parts of the body. Bone and joint pain begin to disappear and minerals are once again distributed throughout the body rather than all being drawn into the blood in attempts to reduce excess acid.

Anti-oxidant or Just Plain Water?
Another factor in water’s ability to reduce the signs of aging is its anti-oxidant potential. The ability of water to draw toxins from the system is measured by its ORP or Anti-oxidant Wateroxidation reduction potential. Water with a positive ORP rating is “full” and therefore no anti-oxidation is occurring. Water with a negative ORP rating is able to absorb or pull contaminants from the body and act as an anti-oxidant. Most waters contain an ORP rating of +250 to +350 which means that little if any anti-oxidant potential is being reached.

Water that has been filtered through a water ionizer can have an ORP rating of -750 or greater!  At the 9.5 pH level recommended for drinking it can be between a -350 to -650.   That’s pure potential for absorption of toxins in the body making alkaline ionized water a powerful antioxidant. Free radicals are much more dramatically reduced than with regular water and diet alone. As toxins are eliminated and free radicals are reduced, our organs begin to function closer to their optimal levels. We see a reduction in weight and bloating. Without as many free radicals bombarding our bodies our eyes become clearer, skin problems begin to disappear and we begin to look and feel younger.

Toxicity and Water
So you think you’re safer drinking bottled water? In some areas that are known to have problems with water contaminants you may be right, but research has shown that bottled water is not necessarily safer or better than water from your faucet. In a recent study (2007) which tested 1,000 bottles of water, over 1/3 were found to have contaminants including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic — in at least one sample that exceeded allowable limits under either state or bottled water industry standards or guidelines. In fact, water from your tap goes through more rigorous and regular testing than bottled water.

Tap Water/Bottled Water Chart

Some Key Differences Between EPA Tap Water and FDA Bottled Water Rules
Water Type Dis-infection Required? Confirmed E. Coli & Fecal Coliform Banned? Testing Frequency for Bacteria Must Filter to Remove Pathogens, or Have Strictly Protected Source? Must Test for Crypto-sporidium, Giardia, Viruses? Testing Frequency for Most Synthetic Organic Chemicals
Bottled Water No No 1/week No No 1/year
Carbonated or Seltzer Water No No None No No None
Big City Tap Water (using surface water) Yes Yes Hundreds/ month Yes Yes 1/quarter
(limited waivers available if clean source)

For improving health, bottled water may be no better answer than what you have available right from your tap.

The Solution
Water ionizers effectively filter out chemicals and impurities from tap water. With a water ionizer you can transform tap water into a powerful antioxidant and super re-hydrator. Ionized water is safe, pure, and with these devices you can adjust the PH balance of the water you use to meet your specific needs, not only for consumption but for cleaning and topical applications.

If you’re serious about improving your health and living to your physical potential, a water ionizer may be the best choice you can make. Within the first 2 weeks you’ll feel the difference and, like many other water ionizer users, you could see it in the mirror too!

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