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spilled ionized water

It’s the number one reason customers send water ionizers back to a company for repair – and it is 100% preventable.  The technicians I spoke with agreed that most issues they address at the repair facility are related to buildup inside the water ionizer.

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under counter water ionizer installation

The basic under counter water ionizer installation process is the same  is the same for all brands and models.  The connection ports and hoses on each under counter water ionizer will be slightly different for each model but the basic under counter water ionizer installation process is the same:

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Under Counter Water Ionizers

Under Counter Water Ionizers – What You Need to Know

Not sure if an under counter water ionizer is the right choice for you?  Have questions about the under counter water ionizer installation process?  What are the pros and cons of choosing an under counter water ionizer over a countertop model?

This article answers these questions and more providing what you need to know about under counter water ionizers. 

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In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

AlkaViva has made some changes to their recommended hard water protection of the Athena, Delphi and Melody models.  They also have a supplemental cleaning protocol that they are recommending in addition to the automated DARC cleaning system in these models.

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As of this week I’ll have two sons in college.  My oldest, a business major at the University of South Alabama and my middle son who starts at the University of Southern Mississippi this week.

While the two are as different as night and day, one thing they have in common – they both have water ionizers in their apartments.  I drove up to Hattiesburg last weekend to help Josh unpack boxes and set up his new place.  When he saw me bringing the water ionizer in from the car his eyes lit up, “Thanks Mom – I really appreciate that…”

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Antioxidant WaterIf you’ve been looking around at water ionizers then you’ve probably run into the hype about ORP and ionized water.  Yes, ORP is an important factor and one of the biggest benefits of having a water ionizer, but don’t be swayed by the hype.

Here’s what you need to know….

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Water Ionizer Rumor of the Week

Someone recently pointed out an article that claimed that water ionizers create “artificially alkaline” water.  The claim is that the alkalinity of the water is artificially raised through the electrolysis/ionization process – that the pH is “artificial” because of a gap between the pH of alkaline ionized water and the actual presence of alkaline minerals in the water.

This is yet another false rumor in a long list of misinformation out there about water ionizers and the alkaline water industry.  Here’s a rundown of the “artificial” claims and the facts about alkaline water created by water ionizers.

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More "Health Benefits" Articles


If you buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water reduces acids in your body and balances your body’s pH, then you could just as easily buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water is bad for you – or that drinking alkaline water does nothing because it’s neutralized by stomach acids.

The statement “drinking alkaline water will make you more alkaline” is an over-simplification most often made by well-intentioned yet overzealous individuals who have experienced positive results from drinking this water.  Before deciding that drinking alkaline water is good or bad for you it is important to understand how alkaline water works in the body.

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Can Kangen Water Machines from Enagic run all day producing alkaline water?  According to many of Enagic representatives, yes it can!  It’s a popular selling point used by Kangen Water independent distributors when selling against other models.  “Enagic water ionizers can run all day if you want them to, without ever overheating or shutting down.”

But is it true?   We went to the source, Enagic USA, to determine the actual recommended run-time for their famous Kangen Alkaline Water Machines.

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You’ve probably heard how drinking alkaline ionized water can boost your immune system.  And how acidic ionized water can be used to treat rashes, eczema and other skin conditions.

But did you know that ionized water can help relieve nasal allergy symptoms and reduce your risk of developing a sinus infection?

Here’s how you can use ionized water to relieve nasal allergy symptoms and “itchy eyes”…..

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