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As of this week I’ll have two sons in college.  My oldest, a business major at the University of South Alabama and my middle son who starts at the University of Southern Mississippi this week.

While the two are as different as night and day, one thing they have in common – they both have water ionizers in their apartments.  I drove up to Hattiesburg last weekend to help Josh unpack boxes and set up his new place.  When he saw me bringing the water ionizer in from the car his eyes lit up, “Thanks Mom – I really appreciate that…”

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Antioxidant WaterIf you’ve been looking around at water ionizers then you’ve probably run into the hype about ORP and ionized water.  Yes, ORP is an important factor and one of the biggest benefits of having a water ionizer, but don’t be swayed by the hype.

Here’s what you need to know….

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If you buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water reduces acids in your body and balances your body’s pH, then you could just as easily buy into the concept that drinking alkaline water is bad for you – or that drinking alkaline water does nothing because it’s neutralized by stomach acids.

The statement “drinking alkaline water will make you more alkaline” is an over-simplification most often made by well-intentioned yet overzealous individuals who have experienced positive results from drinking this water.  Before deciding that drinking alkaline water is good or bad for you it is important to understand how alkaline water works in the body.

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You’ve probably heard how drinking alkaline ionized water can boost your immune system.  And how acidic ionized water can be used to treat rashes, eczema and other skin conditions.

But did you know that ionized water can help relieve nasal allergy symptoms and reduce your risk of developing a sinus infection?

Here’s how you can use ionized water to relieve nasal allergy symptoms and “itchy eyes”…..

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The ORP of alkaline water is where alkaline ionized water drinkers get the biggest benefits.

“Oxidation reduction potential” or “ORP” as it is referred to in the water ionizer industry, equals antioxidant potential.

While drinking alkaline water offers benefits over drinking regular tap or bottled water, the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of the water is the true measure of its potential health benefits.

Not all “alkaline water” is equal when it comes to ORP.

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hexagonal water

Dr. Mercola stated that drinking alkaline ionized water was a “fad” that could potentially harm your health in his September 11, 2010 newsletter.  It was, and has remained, the source of many, many inquiries from people looking for the best option for drinking water.  Without research, without contacting anyone in the water ionizer industry that I could find (and I contacted every water ionizer company I work with), Dr. Mercola made the claim that “If You Fall for This ‘Water Fad’ – You Could Do Some Major Damage.”

In a recent interview with Dr. Gerald Pollack, Dr. Mercola was set straight about the potential benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. 

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This is from one of my Tyent customers who was faced with the possibility of starting a prescription medication therapy to relieve high blood pressure.

She was fortunate to have a physician who was open to letter her try to correct her blood pressure naturally rather than insisting that she immediately begin treating it with prescription medication.

Here’s Joyce’s Story….

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Most of us have done it at least once in our lives – had a little “too  much fun” – too much to drink, too many goodies at the party the night before.  The next day, all you want is a little R & R – rest and RELIEF.

If you are a water ionizer owner you’ve got one of the best home-remedies for overindulgence you can find.

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alkaline waterFirst things first – there is a difference between “alkaline water” and “alkaline ionized water.”  Alkaline water is water that above neutral on the pH scale – typically, any water that tests 8.0 or higher is considered “alkaline water.”

Alkaline ionized water is water that both has an alkalinity of 8.0 or higher and has been restructured at the molecular level. 

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These are great gift ideas for health-minded friends and family members.  Eco-friendly and affordable, these little gems have been big winners here at water ionizer authority.

Many customers who have purchased these products have come right back to purchase another one or two (or sometimes more!) for friends, family members or co-workers.  They make great gifts for any occasion and are easy on both the environment and your wallet!

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