Attention AlkaViva Customers – Hard Water Protection and Cleaning

Attention AlkaViva Customers – Hard Water Protection and Cleaning

In February of 2013 IonWays and Jupiter water ionizer products were re-branded as AlkaViva

AlkaViva has made some changes to their recommended hard water protection of the Athena, Delphi and Melody models.  They also have a supplemental cleaning protocol that they are recommending in addition to the automated DARC cleaning system in these models.

New Hard Water Protection

In the past, AlkaViva offered an inline prefilter for customers in hard water areas.  This inline prefilter pre-treated the water prior to it entering your water ionizer to reduce scale buildup inside the machine.   At $80 to $90 every 6 – 9 months (depending on source water) it was a little pricey.  Also, replacing the inline filter could be challenging for some.

AlkaViva now has a new, more affordable, easier to maintain hard water treatment option – their Scale Guard inserts.

The Scale Guard inserts are designed to be used in your AlkaViva Athena, Delphi or Melody’s mineral port and come in the same “basket” type of dispenser as the calcium inserts available for these models.

These inserts are sold in packs of two for just under $30 and will last about as long as your AlkaViva filters.  A huge savings over the cost of the old EOS Mark II inline filter.

Each individual insert will last about half of your filter’s lifespan – so ordering the set of two Scale Guard inserts when you order your replacement filter will ensure you’re fully protected from one filter change to the next.

Recommended Cleaning for AlkaViva Water Ionizers

AlkaViva Scale Guard Inserts

AlkaViva water ionizers are known for their DARC automated cleaning system, but over time there will still be some accumulation of mineral deposits inside the unit.  This is especially true if you are in a hard water area – regardless of any type of hard water protection you may be using.  Hard water protection slows the buildup of mineral deposits but it won’t eliminate them altogether.

The solution is a vinegar/acidic flush using a small garden or fish tank pump.  This works the same way that running vinegar through a coffee maker removes buildup and deposits.  It’s relatively easy to do this cleaning your time and effort will be rewarded with “like new” performance of your AlkaViva water ionizer.

I’ve included links to instructions for this cleaning method below.  You’ll find instructions for both counter top AlkaViva water ionizers and the AlkaViva Delphi under-counter water ionizer.

AlkaViva now recommends performing this type of cleaning once every three months.

Simple Steps for Protection

There are simple steps you can take on a daily or weekly basis to help reduce the rate of scale buildup in your water ionizer.  It’s a easy as allowing the machine to run at the strongest acidic setting for one to two minutes a day – or a couple of times a week.  This same acidic flush is recommended by almost all water ionizer companies.

Adding the AlkaViva Scale Guard inserts are also an easy way to reduce the rate of scale buildup in your water ionizer.  If you are in a hard water area, AlkaViva strongly recommends using these inserts on a regular basis.

If you have just filled a large container with alkaline water or you have just used the strongest alkaline setting for over 60 seconds, instead of just turning the the unit off, switch the setting to the strongest acidic setting and allow your water ionizer to run at that setting for 30 to 60 seconds.  This can help flush away some of the excess that may have been attracted to the electrodes or other internal parts.

Click on the images below for links to instructions for cleaning or to order your Scale Guard inserts today.