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The control panel on your water ionizer goes dark and won’t come on again.  Your water ionizer used to talk to you and now all you hear are “dings” and “chimes.”  Or maybe you just noticed that the filter life indicator on your machine still has the same reading you saw six months ago.

The likely culprit and the cure…. What this is, how to prevent it and “am I covered…”

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Hampden-Sydney College

Tomorrow I’m college bound – parents’ weekend at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.  Ionized water glutton that I am, late this afternoon I was trying to decide whether or not to take a machine with me.  I mean, it’s just for the weekend – I can get by with a portable just for a long weekend, right?   I always use ionized water to wash my face and brush my teeth, but I can get by using regular tap water  for a couple of days, right?  Right?  I used to do it all the time.

“I’ll be fine without it,” I decided – and then I got the call…

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True Confession 1 - I'm a heavy drinker

I have a confession to make.  I’m a heavy drinker.

If you know me you know… it’s all day, every day, glass after glass, after glorious antioxidant alkaline ionized glass.  Most of it, straight from the machine – if I am forced to bottle it, it’s in a dual-walled

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Residue from Ionized Water

It happens.  It’s completely natural, normal and fairly common.  It’s a white residue or film on ionized water containers and it’s a good sign that your water ionizer is doing its job.  Depending on your source water you may see a little or you may see a lot.  At some point, most people will notice a white film – ionized alkaline water residue – on the container or glass they use for ionized alkaline water.

Don’t panic.  There’s no need to stop using your water ionizer.  Here’s what it’s all about and what you should do….

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Under Counter Water Ionizers

Under Counter Water Ionizers – What You Need to Know

Not sure if an under counter water ionizer is the right choice for you?  Have questions about the under counter water ionizer installation process?  What are the pros and cons of choosing an under counter water ionizer over a countertop model?

This article answers these questions and more providing what you need to know about under counter water ionizers. 

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I’ve had my Chanson VS70 for almost four years now.  The true test of any water ionizer is how well it works years after purchase.  This is my long term performance Chanson VS70 Review.  The review covers maintenance, performance, what I like about my Chanson VS70 – and what I don’t.

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Water Ionizer Authority now carries the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 water ionizer form Air-Water-Life.  This is a new water ionizer line for us but after several conversations with the company about their technology, products we made the decision to add the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 to our product line.

A little information about this company and the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe….

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A Few of My Meters

It’s been awhile since I posted my original article on ORP meters.  Since that time not a lot has changed.  I’ve spent more money on newer meters, replacement probes, solutions and materials for conditioning them and enhancing performance.  My position remains the same.  Buyer be aware of what you’re getting into.

Recently, one water ionizer company that had been offering these meters for sale to customers made the decision to stop selling ORP meters.  It was no surprise to me.  I was actually shocked when I first realized that they were offering them for sale.  Here’s why the company decided to STOP selling ORP meters – and why you won’t find water ionizer companies or dealers offering them for sale…

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As of this week I’ll have two sons in college.  My oldest, a business major at the University of South Alabama and my middle son who starts at the University of Southern Mississippi this week.

While the two are as different as night and day, one thing they have in common – they both have water ionizers in their apartments.  I drove up to Hattiesburg last weekend to help Josh unpack boxes and set up his new place.  When he saw me bringing the water ionizer in from the car his eyes lit up, “Thanks Mom – I really appreciate that…”

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What do the 4th of July and alkaline water companies have in common?

Not much, I’ll admit – but there are a number of water ionizer companies offering special savings during the 4th of July weekend.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a water ionizer there are a number of good models available at discounted prices this weekend.  Here’s a rundown of which water ionizer models and brands are on sale and how much you could save….

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