Battle of the Brands: Acid Water Showdown

Battle of the Brands: Acid Water Showdown

blue_red_boxing_glovesWhen faced with challenges getting reasonable acid water levels, one customer was willing to work with me on trying different units.  Want to know which water ionizer worked best?   Read about his experience and find out which water ionizer he ultimately chose.

My customer “Tim” purchased the popular KYK Genesis (now sold as the KYK Generation 2).  Nine out of ten customers who purchase this unit are very happy with it.  Overall he was happy with the unit.  The looks, the design, the way the unit worked.  While his primary reason for getting a water ionizer was for alkaline ionized drinking water, he did have a need for acid water on SOME level.  Unfortunately, in his area the lowest pH he could get was neutral.

The first thing I did was ship him MY KYK Genesis.  I had no problems getting 4.5 acid water in hard water areas and 3.0 or lower in soft water areas.  I wanted to make sure that the issue wasn’t one with the unit he had received.  Every once in awhile a unit goes out that has some sort of issue – before asking the company for a replacement unit I wanted him to try mine which I was sure worked properly.

After installing my 7-Plate Genesis he found he was still getting the same neutral readings.  He said that he had a friend who was offering to sell him his SD501.  Even a used SD501 with a “friend” discount is costly – so I offered to send him MY SD501 to try out.  I also decided to send him my personal Silver/White Tyent 7070 TURBO unit as well.


Once he installed and tried both my SD501 and my TURBO Tyent he found that the acid water readings from both units were comparable – even when using the SD501 with the enhancer solution – which is supposed to give you 2.5 acid water.  From there it all came down to cost, ease of use and styling.

Ultimately Tim decided on the Tyent TURBO 7070 in stainless steel.  He liked the way the Tyent_7070_StainlessTyent unit looked on his counter.  Tyent products are dual filter, where the Enagic units have a single small filter.   With the Tyent he was able to connect the water ionizer directly to the cold water line, leaving his faucet free from adapters and hoses.  And to produce acid water he didn’t have to add anything at all to the unit – it was available with the push of a button.

I actually sold him my demo unit for him which helped keep down the cost difference between what he originally paid for his Genesis and the cost of Tyent’s TURBO model.  And lucky him – I had that demo in Stainless Steel for him.  I only recently got a replacement for my stainless steel TURBO – looks great with the other black & stainless appliances in my kitchen.

Tim lives in Ohio in a hard water area.  Often customers in hard water areas get great results with alkaline readings but have real challenges getting acid water – with any unit.  As I said, most KYK Genesis customers are VERY happy with these units – and overall, so was Tim – but he needed the acid water so ultimately he chose to go with a different water ionizer.

I’m thankful for Tim’s patience and willingness to work with  me on the cost of shipping all of the different units back and forth.  I’m also thankful for the “acid water” experience that I can now share with others.

Every source water is a little different and each unit will work differently with these different source waters.  Finding truly stubborn source water for creating acid pH levels – and to be able to try out three of the most popular models to see how they perform – turned what could have been a frustrating experience for both my customer and me into a learning experience that can benefit others.

Thank you again, Tim!  When you get ready for your next set of replacement filters call me – they’re on me!