Best Water Ionizer Prices of the Year

Best Water Ionizer Prices of the Year

Several water ionizer companies are jumping on the “Black Friday Bandwagon” this weekend, offering the best prices on these units that we’ve seen all year.

Many of these sales are Black Friday or Thanksgiving Weekend only, some will run through the end of the year.  Here’s a breakdown on which companies are offering these special savings and how long these great prices will last…

We’re listing them in order of savings/value -
Biggest sale values are listed first…


Tyent’s TURBO 7070 and 9090 TURBO Extreme models have been on sale for $2,195 (T7070) and $2,695 (T9090 XT) but THROUGH DECEMBER 1, 2010 ONLY! these two best sellers will be available at additional savings.

Black Friday only you can get Tyent’s TURBO 7070 for only $1,995 or Tyent’s TURBO 9090 for only $2,495.

Tyent TURBO Countertop Models

Tyent 999U

Also, Tyent announced just last week the official launch of their new under counter model, the Tyent UCE-9000T.  This long-awaited model won’t ship until mid-January but is available at pre-sale discount pricing for only $2,995.  Customers who have been waiting for Tyent’s under counter water ionizer can order now and be first on the list for shipping when these units arrive in January.

Tyent UCE-9000T presale pricing is available for a limited time only.

All Tyent sale water ionizers are available with value added bonus packs.

Visit the Tyent Store for full pricing information and available Bonus Packs.

Tyent’s TURBO 7070 will return to the $2,195 sale price and the 9090 TURBO Extreme will return to the $2,695 sale price on Saturday.  The Tyent 9000T presale price of $2,995 will likely be available for at least the next two weeks.

Watershed Odyssey Under Counter

Watershed Odyssey

Through December 31, 2010 Watershed Wellness Center is offering their Odyssey Under Counter water ionizer for only $1,490.

This is a $500 savings over the Odyssey’s regular retail price of $1,999.

The Odyssey’s under counter component includes a TRIPLE filtration system.  pH level controls are all available right on the faucet that mounts on your sink.  This is a great price for an under-counter water ionizer  backed by Watershed’s extensive experience in water filtration and the water ionizer industry.

Visit the Watershed Store to see the full line of Watershed Water Ionizer Products.

Through Monday, November 29th 2010

KYK USA is offering their Generation 2 water ionizer for $1,436.  That’s a 20% savings or over $350 off the regular $1,795 retail price.

This sale price is available on the Generation II value-added Bonus Packs bringing the potential savings for KYK customers to over $500.

The KYK Genesis was the best selling water ionizer in 2009.  The Generation II model has everything customers loved about the KYK Genesis with upgrades including 250 watts of power and new silver/white styling.

Chanson Holiday Sale Pricing

Chanson VS70

Chanson Miracle

Through December 31, 2010 Chanson’s VS70 Under Counter water ionizer and Miracle counter top models are available at special sale pricing.

The Chanson VS70 which usually retails for  $2,195 will be available for only $1,995 – savings of $200.  The Chanson Miracle is available for only $1,475 for a savings of $175.

Chanson’s Holiday sale pricing will be available through the end of the year.

Visit the Chanson Store to see the full line of Chanson Water Ionizer Products.

Other Sale Items & Bonus Packs

There are a few other water ionizer product on sale or with value-added Bonus Packs.  To see all water ionizer sale items and discount packages visit the “Specials” page of our Water Ionizer Store.