Best Water Ionizer Testimonial – referrals

Best Water Ionizer Testimonial – referrals

I get a lot of great testimonials from customers about the water ionizers they’ve purchased and about the amazing benefits they’ve experienced since they began drinking alkaline ionized water.  I’m thankful for them all and always appreciate the feedback – it provides “real life” stories that can be shared with others as they decide whether or not investing in a water ionizer is the right choice for them.

Yesterday I got a different kind of testimonial – maybe one of the best product testimonials a customer can give with regard to how pleased they are with their purchase and their level of satisfaction….

My customer, “J.E.” had called to say that she had found her water ionizer.  The unit had been delivered as promised but it arrived with several other large packages from the same city and had been scooped up with the rest of the packages by her husband – we immediately initiated a package tracer with UPS but were all relieved when she called to let us know that it had actually arrived.

“Yes, I *did* receive the unit – we’ve already set it up and it works great!  We love it!”

Great to hear!

Then, “I’ve got a friend here who would like to get one too, can she order it with you now over the phone?”


When you are pleased with a product you tend to want to tell everyone and recommend that they “get one too.”  J.E.’s friend was also impressed with the Alkalux and wanted to order her own right away.

To me, referrals from customers are some of the best water ionizer testimonials you can get.  They may not be the formal written type of testimonials but being so satisfied with a product and a company that they recommend it to others speaks volumes.   While I get a lot of referrals from customers, what made this one so special is that J.E. only had her Alkalux for a few days when she felt confident enough to recommend the product to a friend.

I’m so glad to have another happy customer and thankful for another referral.

If you’d like to learn more about the Alkalux that J.E. and her friend purchased, read our Alkalux product review.  It’s a great water ionizer, great performer

Read our Review of the Alkalux Water Ionizer

and falls into the popular the “mid-range” price category.

(Thank you for referring your friend, J.E.!)