Best Way to Store Ionized Water

Best Way to Store Ionized Water

The GoodLife Stainless Steel Bottles are AMAZING when it comes to maintaining the properties of alkaline ionized water.  I just completed my time test comparing different storage methods and the GoodLife Bottle blew me away.

It was an experiment that I was about to throw out.  Almost two weeks ago we filled 3 containers with alkaline ionized water to compare how well each was able to maintain the ORP. 

Between customer phone calls, e-mails and making UPS deadlines, I completely forgot to retest the water after a few days as planned.

Today when my oldest son came in he saw the GoodLife Bottle still sitting on the counter and asked how the testing came out.   I admitted that I had forgotten all about it and asked him to dump everything and start a new time test.

Instead of just pouring everyting out, Austin decided to go ahead and see how the stored water from each container tested after almost two weeks – and I’m glad he did.  We were BOTH shocked by the ORP readings…

When he originally set up the time test I asked him to use 3 different storage containers:

  • Glass jar with a good, tight seal
  • BPA free sports bottle that was a clear dark blue (to reduce light penetration) and had a good tight seal
  • GoodLife dual-walled stainless steel bottle

The water in each container was tested to have an ORP between -550 and -525  (ORP fluctuates slightly as you run your water ionizer) and each container was sealed immediately after the ORP meter showed a stable reading.

The glass bottle and sports bottle were stored in the refrigerator.  Exposure to light, heat and the environment all bring down both pH and ORP more quickly.  The refrigerator kept both the sports and glass bottles cool and, except when I went into the fridge, away from light exposure.

The GoodLife Bottle I just left sitting on the counter – next to the coffee maker and microwave, with sunlight streaming in on it most of the day.

I have to admit, even after almost 2 weeks, I would have been a little disappointed if the water stored in the GoodLife bottle hadn’t given me a negative ORP reading.  Any number, as long as it was negative – it had been almost two weeks.  I would have felt good about a -50 ORP after two weeks sitting on my counter.  In reality, the GoodLife Bottle did a little better than that.  My son called out to me as soon as he dipped the meter in the bottle -

“Mother, you’re not going to believe this…  the meter jumped up to -375 and it’s still climbing…. negative 390, negative 410, negative 420…”

After almost 2 weeks sitting on the counter – next to the coffee maker,  microwave and toaster – all of which were used daily – the ORP of the water stored in the GoodLife bottle still had a -450 ORP.

The water stored in the refrigerator in both the glass and sports bottles gave readings between +50 and +100.  The bottles were stored as far from the refrigerator light as possible to prevent unnecessary exposure to heat from the bulb or light which might speed up the loss of ionization.


GoodLife Vacuum Seal Cap

How Do GoodLife Bottles Maintain the ORP?

GoodLife Stainless Steel bottles are dual-walled for insulation and the cap is a unique sealed plug-style screw on cap.  These bottles are 100% BPA free and made of high quality food-grade 18/304 stainless steel.  They can keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours without becoming hot or cold to the touch.  Dual-walled insulation I’m sure plays a part but I credit the unique cap’s plug/seal for preventing exposure to the environment and maintaining the properties of the water.

Look for a full review of the GoodLife Stainless Steel Bottles on the website very soon.  For now, if you’d like to order your own GoodLife Bottle I have them available in Lavender, Dark Gray and “Eco” Green.  They hold up to 1 liter of water – or any other beverage – look just as good as they work and are the best option I’ve found for having alkaline ionized water handy when you’re away from your ionizer during the day – or evening.

You can order your own GoodLife Bottle through the store page by clicking on the image below.
Be sure to specify your color preference.

GoodLife 1 Liter Bottles in Purple, Gray or Eco-Green

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority

Special thanks to my oldest son, Austin, for deciding to test the water before completely abandoning the test.  Austin is a student at the University of South Alabama and works part time for me here at Water Ionizer Authority and as a personal trainer at Phoenix Fitness in Mobile, Alabama.  He uses an IonQuench 8080 in his home and, like my father, swears acidic alkaline water or duct tape will fix just about any external issue you can come up with.