Beware Consumer Review Sites

Beware Consumer Review Sites

There are a number of water ionizer review sites out there and more than a few are actually owned by or affiliated with one of several water ionizer companies.  So how do you know you’re getting an honest review? There are a couple of ways to figure out whether you are looking at a true “3rd party” review website or just a “promotional” website put up by one of the water ionizer companies.

Here’s your first red flag – If you see that a review site shows one unit significantly out-performing most others, click away from the site!

I have personally tested MANY different water ionizers and I can tell you that all produce water at comparable levels. All “top of the line” water ionizers from the different companies produce water with pH and ORP levels that were very close. All “mid-range” water ionizers produced water with pH and ORP levels that were very close. I have not done extensive testing on the lower priced models as most of the inquiries I receive are about the high-end and mid-range water ionizers.

Don’t be fooled by testing videos that show one water ionizer produces water at higher pH levels than another… there are many tricks that can be done pre-test to alter the results!

  • Cups or glasses used for testing can be pre-treated with vinegar or bleach which immediately alters the water that is being collected. Both white vinegar and bleach can dry “invisibly” inside a clear glass or cup so that it looks like it is “clean.”
  • Water flow rates can significantly impact the “strength” of the water! One unit’s flow rate can be turned down which increases the amount of time the water stays in contact with the plate, increasing the pH and ORP of the water while the flow rate the competiting water ionizer(s) can be cranked up – giving the water less time to receive the electrical charge that produces quality alkaline ionized water.
  • Pay attention to the settings on each unit being tested. If you are unfamiliar with water ionizers this may be difficult to do and even if you are familiar with the settings and controls on a water ionizer, video quality or camera placement may make it difficult to tell. Many water ionizers have a voice announcement that tells you what level of water is being dispensed – but this is not always helpful – one companies “level four” may be another’s “level 1.”

Check their “about us” page. Who is providing this information? Is it a generic “we?” or is there a name and company you can contact? Do they offer a phone number to call or just an e-mail form for you to fill out?

  • Compare the look and feel of the site to water ionizer company websites. Often these “review sites” are created/developed by the same webdesigner that created the company’s website – web design is an artform and designers will use similar styles and elements for all of their websites.
  • Check the “website powered by” or “webhosting provided by” or “webdesign by” links that are found at the bottom of the page on most water ionizer company websites. Click on that link – that will take you to the host or webdevelopers website – once there, check out their website portfolio… look to see if you can find the review site in the portfolio of the company that produced the water ionizer company’s website. A good and reliable webhost and developer is hard to find. Most companies keep all of their eggs in one basket.
  • Can you actually buy anything on the website? If you found the review site in the “sponsored search” portion of your internet search results page (at the very top of the page or listed in a column to the right of the page) this company has PAID for this placement. If they’re not offering any products for sale on their review site… well, these sponsored searches can cost a lot of money – they’re making it back somehow… is it through the sale of a water ionizer they rated as “best” on a “company” website?

If you want to be 100% sure that you are getting truly independent and unbiased reviews then stay right here. Water Ionizer Authority is an independently owned company. While I have and maintain relationships with the companies I represent, my only loyalty is to truth.

I became an authorized dealer of all of these water ionizer brands so that no one would have to wonder if I was saying “this is the best” because that’s what I sell here… I sell them all! Well, almost… Put me to the test… call me… try to get me to recommend one brand over another… it just won’t happen. I don’t make recommendations until I know what you’re looking for – then I’ll direct you to the units that will best suit your needs, your budget with the features and function that are most important to you.

Every unit purchased through Water Ionizer Authority supports my ongoing research and testing of these water ionizer products. My goal is to provide honest, reliable facts so that consumers like you can make an informed decision.