Water Ionizer Buyers Guide

Water Ionizer Buyers Guide

Water Ionizer Buyers Guide

Our Water Ionizer Buyers Guide offers the most comprehensive information on water ionizers you’ll find online. It has been designed to help consumers make a well informed buying decision based on individual needs and personal preference.   You will find that our comparison charts and reviews are impartial and not skewed to steer consumers toward any one product or manufacturer. These charts and reviews are simply a retelling of the research we have done on the many water ionizer products you will find on the market today.

In our “Product Comparisons” you can compare ALL water ionizer products side by side, not just a few. These comparisons have been broken down into several categories to provide the most comprehensive information on the factors for consideration when making a water ionizer purchase.

Compare Plate Size & Power

water ionizer buyers guideHere you’ll find all of the major water ionizer products listed by plate size, power, power system and plate design.

  • For regular daily use, SMPS units operate with greater energy efficiency
  • Which units have an automatic timed shut off
  • Slotted Mesh, Holed Mesh, Textured Mesh or Flat Plates?

Compare by Filtration

water ionizer buyers guideHow many filters? How long will they last? How much will it cost me to replace the filters?

  • Compare water ionizers by filtration system.
  • This chart helps you get a grip on your expected cost of ownership giving by showing you the filter life, replacement filter costs
  • Easily determine which water ionizer units are single filter and which are dual filter

Compare Settings & Adjustments

water ionizer buyers guideHere you will find water ionizers compared by the number of settings available on each unit and the expected pH range you can expect from each.

  • Easily compare units based on setting and adjustment options
  • Some units have only pre-set buttons – others offer you the ability to adjust the levels within each of the pre-sets
  • Take a look and if you have questions just call us! We’ll have answers

Compare Cost & Warranty

water ionizer buyers guideAll water ionizers come with a money-back-guaranty and a one to five year warranty.

  • This comparison chart breaks down the money-back-guaranty period for each unit, restocking charges should you decide to return a unit and also the length of the warranty
  • Money-back-guaranty periods range from three days to 60 and restocking fees run from eight to 15 percent
  • Before you buy it’s good to know how much time you have to “love it or return it” and the restocking fees for each should you decide the water ionizer you bought isn’t  right  for you

Water Ionizer Reality Check

water ionizer buyers guideAre your expectations realistic? And what about the cost? “I could buy a flat screen TV for the price of a water ionizer…”.

  • This is an apples to oranges comparison to help you put the cost into perspective
  • Decide if your expectations are realistic for what you’re spending
  • Family room television sets have many things in common with water ionizers when it comes to their role in the home – and the cost is about the same

Under Counter Water Ionizers

water ionizer buyers guideMost people appreciate having one less appliance taking up space on their countertop and like the convenience of a simple ionized water faucet on their sink!

  • There are a few things you should know before making your final decision
  • Real-life experiences from customers who bought under counter water ionizers and some of the surprises they ran into
  • Accessing power, installation and Faucet Conversion Kits are all important considerations

Beware of Consumer Review Sites

water ionizer buyers guideThere are a number of water ionizer review sites out there and more than a few are actually owned by or affiliated with one of several water ionizer companies. So how do you know you’re getting an honest review?

  • Tell the difference between “3rd party” review websites and “promotional” websites put up by water ionizer companies
  • Learn how to spot unreliable test results and how not to be fooled by testing videos

The Acid Water Dilema

water ionizer buyers guideYou want alkaline water at 10.0 or better? No problem! You want that 2.5 acid water? Well, that’s a whole other story…

  • Most water ionizers claim to reach acid levels of 3.5 to 2.5 but typical home results are more in the 4.0 pH range
  • Learn the economical, all-natural trick for getting that stronger acid water out of your unit
  • Don’t let the acid dilemma stop you from buying the water ionizer you want