Water Ionizer Buyers Guide Water Ionizer Authority Customer Feedback

Water Ionizer Authority Customer Feedback

water ionizer authority customer feedbackWater Ionizer Authority customer feedback on the water ionizers they purchased…

and why they’re glad they made their purchase through waterionizerauthority.com

water ionizer authority customer feedback

Tyent 7070

Dear Romi
I want to thank you so much for always being so available to me whenever I have questions or need your feedback on my Tyent 7070 water ionizer.  Your professionalism, personal assistance and willingness to help made me feel very comfortable when I was researching water filters.
I felt greatly inspired by your attitude. I remember when looking for assistance, the conversations were lengthened because you were so willing to offer more help in what you were selling. Your unbiased view on different water filters made me feel very comfortable with the unit that I bought. You gave me a lot of information that showed me that you have a genuine interest through the in depth and technical research on your part.
After reading many of your written articles I felt very impressed by all the knowledge you demonstrate in your presentation. I was also smitten by your enthusiasm and eagerness to share the benefits coming from all your personal stories. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends and people that are interested in buying a product that will greatly aid in improving health on all levels. It is an investment well worth taking part in.
Helena E
New Jersey

water ionizer authority customer support

Water Ionizer Authority Customer Support

Thank you again for the outstanding customer service when I had issues with my original machine.  My rationale for ordering through you in the first place has proven to be correct:
1.  Your site offered the only “unbiased” comparison of multiple brands, so I didn’t feel pressured to buy any particular machine, since you don’t represent only one brand.  You objectively offer the pros and cons of each machine, and the choice was solely mine.
2.  Because you are a distributor, I felt that if there were any problems, you would have more “clout” with the company than I would as an individual buyer, and that certainly proved to be the case.  You directly contacted the company several times on my behalf until the issue was resolved.
I cannot say enough about the customer service you provide to your customers, and I would highly recommend you to anyone considering making a purchase.
Thanks again for everything.
Darlene R.
Pittsburg, PA

water ionizer authority customer feedback

KYK Genesis Customer

We’ve had our KYK Genesis for a couple of months and have absolutely enjoyed the benefits of PH balanced water.  I have a serious lung condition which requires several inhalers including a nebulizer with antibiotic treatment two weeks out of each month.  Since I’ve been using the KYK Genesis I can breathe much better.  My inhalers are more effective.  I only have to use the antibiotic treatment for about 4 days instead of two weeks.  I feel that I have my life back.  My husband, our 20-year old son and I enjoy the many health benefits this machine offers.
We not only drink it but cook and clean with it.  I also wash my face with it.  It does exactly what it claims to do.  The KYK Genesis is also an attractive device for the kitchen counter top.  It doesn’t take up a lot of space and looks nice.  The selection sensor is user friendly.  We would definitely recommend the KYK Genesis to anyone looking for a water ionizer.  It is affordable.  It’s an investment worth every penny.
Kelley Hatfield
Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Eighteen months ago, I was introduced to the world of water ionizers, via a water ionizer seminar in Los Angeles. Most of the units promoted at that seminar were extreemly expensive. Prices started at $3,000.00 up.

After six months of research, I concluded that the Rejuvenator-Genesis seemed to offer the most value for my limited dollars. So one year ago, I purchased this unit and have had no regrets. It is performing flawlessly. My brother, the skeptic, who was patiently awaiting the verdict on my units’ performance, is also impressed and is now considering owning a Genesis Rejuvenator.
M. P. Williams

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water ionizer authority customer feedback

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