Case Study: “Donna” Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Case Study: “Donna” Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

“Donna” is a Water Ionizer Authority customer who called several months ago looking for a less expensive alternative to Enagic’s SD501.  She was assured that no other water ionizer would be able to produce the results she would get from an Enagic water ionizer.  She felt good about her decision to purchase a Tyent TURBO 7070 but she and her husband never imagined just how powerfully this unit would affect them.

I love to hear from my customers.  Whether the call is for technical assistance, general questions about their water ionizer or using the water or just to talk about the

Tyent TURBO 7070

weather, I always enjoy keeping in touch.  I know the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water.  I know the potential impact it can have on health and longevity.  But Donna’s call this week completely blew me away in the best possible way.

Several weeks ago Donna called to get some help adjusting the settings on her Tyent TURBO 7070.  As we were adjusting the settings and testing the water she told me about her husband.  He’s had diabetes for awhile now.  After drinking the water from their Tyent TURBO 7070 for a few weeks he decided to test his blood sugar.

Donna explained that usually his blood sugar is in the 100′s and they just try to keep it from getting any higher.  They were completely surprised when her husband’s blood sugar test that day was in the 70′s!  His comment was “I can’t wait to go back to the doctor and see what he has to say.”

A couple of weeks later her husband went for his regularly scheduled check-up.  His doctor sat him down and asked him “what have you been doing different?”  He said that he’d made a few small changes to his diet then said “but I’ve been drinking this water….”

He tried to explain it to the doctor and finally his doctor asked him to get his wife on the phone to tell him just what kind of water this was.  She did her best to explain.

The doctor gave her husband a clean bill of health.  “You no longer have Diabetes.  At least not today.”  And his blood pressure was within a normal and acceptable range.  No more high blood pressure.  No more diabetes.

Donna and her husband have been doing things the right way – not relying completely on the ionized water but also making small modifications to his diet.  When her husband leaves for work he takes the Waterman Pitcher – now sold as the H2Go – that I sent them as part of their Tyent Bonus Pack along with him.  He doesn’t like to drink any other type of water.

When they went on a cruise recently they took their Waterman Pitcher along with them.  Everyone complained about the taste and smell of the water being served on the ship.  When Donna came back from her room with her Waterman, everyone could tell the difference in the water.  The Waterman Pitcher got a lot of use on that trip, being passed around and used by the family and friends that were traveling with them.

I am careful to make no “health claims” about what alkaline ionized water can do – but I am happy to share Donna and her husband’s success story with you.  Donna paid good money to go to an Enagic presentation and fully expected to buy an SD501 – after doing her research she decided to try the Tyent TURBO 7070 – which offers a 60-day money back guaranty (with a 15% restocking fee).

She’s never looked back.  She’s been happy with the taste of the water from her Tyent TURBO 7070, she herself has noticed a difference in her energy level and overall feelings of well being and was glad she only had to pay $1,995 instead of $3,980.

Recently she had some major home renovations done which required her and her husband to live with their daughter for well over a week.  After her first jug of alkaline ionized water ran out they went back to their house to get their 7070.  She told me what I already knew – that it was very easy to disconnect it there and reconnect it at their daughter’s home.

I am happy to have such a wonderful success story to share with you.  And I’m equally happy to know that Donna’s husband now has a clean bill of health and is diabetes and high blood pressure free.