Chanson Miracle MAX User Review

Chanson Miracle MAX User Review

My Chanson Miracle MAX is installed and running.  After spending some time with this latest alkaline water ionizer I’m ready to write my user review on the Chanson Miracle MAXt.

The Miracle MAX water ionizer has a number of upgrades over Chanson’s original Miracle model water ionizer.  There are a lot of little things to like about the new design and the basic function of the Miracle MAX and a few things you should know about the product.  This water ionizer user review will shed more light on what you can expect from this model.

Chanson Miracle MAX Basics

The Chanson Miracle Max is a 7-plate water ionizer operating at a maximum of 150 watts using SMPS power.  The plates are flat, just like the plates in other Chanson water ionizers, however they are larger providing more plate surface area for better ionization potential.

You have 4 alkaline, three acidic and 1 neutral preset selection and the unit can be micro-adjusted within the presets.  Adjustability within

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presets allows you to customize a water ionizer’s settings based on your source water and personal preferences.

For filtration, the Miracle MAX has the same 5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter found in all Chanson water ionizers.  The company recommends their C3 Prefiltration System as an add-on for more effective filtration.  Because of the low cost of the internal filter, annual cost to replace both the Chanson internal filter and the cartridges in the triple-bank C3 Prefiltration system is equivalent to the cost of replacing the filters in other water ionizer models.

Chanson’s Miracle Max uses a RAD cleaning system (radial action de-calcification) to prevent scale buildup but the company still recommends running their cleaning protocol at least once a year.  Your unit will come with a sample of citric acid crystals along with instructions for using the crystals to clean your water ionizer.

The unit can be installed easily in just a few minutes and, because of innovations to the flow control, you have the option to connect the unit directly to your faucet (standard installation) or free your faucet by running the water supply line down for connection directly to the cold water line below the sink (unit will still sit on the counter).

Your Chanson Miracle MAX purchase is backed by a 60-day money back guaranty, a 5-year warranty covering both parts and labor and a lifetime warranty covering parts.  If, at any time after the initial 5-year ownership period, your Miracle MAX fails to perform properly, Chanson will replace or repair any internal parts at no charge to you.  As a customer you are only responsible for labor charges (currently there is a $150 per incident cap) and shipping.

New Design, New Features, New Functions

The Miracle Max has several upgrades from the original Chanson Miracle – the most noticeable is the design.  The look is much nicer than the original Chanson Miracle.  Although

Miracle MAX Control Panel

slightly larger, the design aesthetics make the Miracle MAX a much more attractive option with it’s black face and less “in your face” control panel.   The design also features a larger display screen which provides more (and easier to read) information about the unit’s performance.

Perhaps the most significant “upgrades” Chanson made in their Miracle MAX water ionizer are the on-board mineral port and flow control.   For areas where alkaline mineral content makes producing stronger acidic water a challenge, adding sea salt crystals allows enhances performance at the acidic levels.  Chanson includes a sample of Himalayan Sea Salt for use with the unit.  If you need to boost performance at alkaline levels, this same port can be used to add alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium) to achieve higher alkaline readings.  The Miracle MAX comes with two “baskets” for use in the mineral port so that you can use one exclusively for sea salt and the other exclusively for alkaline minerals.

Flow rate can influence a water ionizers performance at almost any pH level selected.  While experienced water ionizers have learned that slowing the flow rate can help boost the machine’s performance at the strong alkaline and acidic levels, one of the biggest technical support calls companies get is about producing water at these levels.  The solution is simple – slow the flow rate.

When I first used my Miracle MAX at the strong acidic level I got a voice announcement “Flow is too strong, turn down flow.”  This is a great feature for those new to using water ionizers and to experienced users who appreciate the reminder that stronger pH levels can be achieved if the flow rate is slower.  As soon as you slow the flow rate down to a level the unit registers as proper for producing strong acidic water the announcement will stop.

Slowing the rate at which water flows through your water ionizer allows the water to remain in contact with the plates for longer.  The longer the water is in contact with the plates in the electrolysis chamber, the greater the ionization potential.  If you want to produce stronger water at any alkaline or acidic preset, simply slow the flow rate.

Adjusting the flow rate on your Chanson Miracle MAX is easy with the on-board flow control valve.  Located on the side of the unit, near the bottom you simply turn it to increase or decrease the flow rate.

Safety Features

This model has two automatic shut off features for safety.  The first is what I call the “I forgot” mechanism.  If the unit is left running for 15 minutes, it will assume that you walked away and forgot that you were filling a container.  To prevent overflow, the unit will shut itself off automatically.  You can easily restart the unit by making your alkaline or acidic selection and restarting the unit.

The second automatic shut off feature is to prevent overheating.  An internal temperature sensor will automatically shut the unit down if it senses that the internal temperature is approaching levels that could damage any component in the unit.  Also, when connecting a water ionizer to your tap there is always a risk of someone running hot water through the unit.  Your Chanson Miracle MAX has an internal temperature sensor which sounds an alarm to let you know that hot water is running through the unit.

If you ever find that you have accidentally run hot water through your water ionizer, IMMEDIATELY shut the unit off, switch the water to “cold” and allow the unit to run at the H2O/Purified/Neutral setting until you feel cool water coming through the dispenser hose.

Things I Like About the Miracle MAX Water Ionizer

I can’t say enough about the improved looks of this water ionizer.  Although it is slightly larger than the original Chanson counter top models, it is still one of the more compact models available – and the looks – so much better.  Sleek, modern – and despite the large display screen and larger control touch panel, the design and all-black face put the looks worlds beyond the original Chanson counter top models.

No buttons on this unit, the control panel is “touch” activated.  A light touch at any of the presets will highlight the level of water you want to produce, from there you just touch the power button to begin production.  Once water is being produced you can switch to any other pH level or the neutral setting with a single touch without the need to turn the unit off.

The only exception to this is the strong acidic level.  If the unit is already producing water you will always have to touch “Power” on the control panel to turn the unit off, then make your selection of “Strong Acidic” and then touch “Power” again.  Same thing when switching from “Strong Acidic” to any other preset.  You will first need to power the unit off by touching “Power” on the control panel, change your level selection and then restart the unit by touching “Power” on the control panel again.

I like the voice announcement letting you know that you need to slow the flow rate when trying to produce the stronger acidic water.  I also like the availability of the mineral port for adding sea salt.  The on-board flow control valve is another plus.  When connected directly to the faucet you can easily adjust the flow rate at the tap, but the flow control valve on the unit allows you to set and adjust the flow rate directly on the unit.

In homes with active kitchens and multiple water ionizer users, often a user will supply water to the unit by turning the tap all the way on.  By setting the flow control on the unit you are able to maintain a consistent flow rate through the unit, regardless of how strong water is flowing through the tap.

Overall, the normal day-to-day use of the Miracle MAX is easy – as it should be.  For homes with very young, very old or very “easily confused” users there is also a “lock” mechanism on the unit.  When programmed, the unit will always default to the “locked in” setting.  Very handy if you have users in the house who may not always know which level they should select for drinking on a regular basis.


Based on testing by Chanson at the Laguna Hills, CA company headquarters, the Chanson Miracle Max can produce alkaline water as high as 12.1 pH and acidic water as low as 1.8 pH.  Test results will always vary based on your source water and my results did vary from Chanson’s testing at their facility.  I was able to produce alkaline water that tested 11.5pH, at the strongest alkaline setting using an actual pH meter.  At the strong acidic level using the Himalayan sea salt sample that came with the unit I was able to get down to a 2.51 pH.

ORP testing was inconclusive.  I hate ORP meters.  Even the best of them give me headaches at times.  I’ve ordered new probes and will test again in a few weeks after the new probes arrive.  When ORP results were testing low on my Miracle MAX I tested my SD501, Tyent 9090 and KYK Generation II for comparison.  All were giving ORP readings which were way off from what they should have been so I have to assume that the issue is with my ORP probes, not with the water ionizers.  As soon as I have probes working properly I’ll retest the Miracle Max’s ORP and post the results.

What I Don’t Like about the Miracle MAX

I work with enough water ionizers on a daily basis to pick up on a lot of “little things” with these units.  While overall I give the Miracle MAX from Chanson high marks, there were a few things that felt like inconveniences when compared to other water ionizers.

First is the mineral port.  Nothing new here, really.  Mineral ports are notoriously difficult to open – the same is true with the Miracle MAX.  Just like with my Athena, Melody and Watershed models, opening the mineral ports was a real pain.  I had to use pliers every time.  Turning the mineral port top so that it could be removed got easier each time I used it – same with all of my other water ionizers with mineral ports – but there was just no way to remove the cap for access to the port without using pliers.  Again, this is a common issue with mineral ports – there has to be a good seal which means removing the top is just not that easy.

Next, while I can appreciate the fact that requiring the unit be shut off before allowing you to select the strong acidic level is a safety feature, for me it felt like an inconvenience.  When working in the kitchen I am often switching from strong alkaline to strong acidic.  The need to power off, make my strong acidic setting, then power back on again was time consuming.  Then I had to power off before I could switch back to another alkaline level or to the neutral level.  You just can’t get to or from the “Strong Acidic” setting on the Miracle Max without powering the unit off first.

Which brings me to the last “thumbs down” comment on this model.  When you touch “Power” to turn the unit off, it doesn’t seem to register right away.  Several times I’ve hit “Power” to turn the unit off, then hit it again after a few seconds only to discover that I’ve canceled the “off” command.  When you press something to turn a unit off it should turn it off.  Period.  There should be no question whether or not you touched the right spot, held your finger there long enough or pressed firmly enough.

I’ll admit it.  I’m not a patient person – particularly when I’m working in the kitchen.  Switching from strong alkaline water to “power off” and then waiting until the unit is ready to power itself off, then selecting strong acidic and powering back on again – well, I’m pretty sure I sprouted a few new gray hairs over the wait.  Then going through the same process switching from strong acidic to “off,” waiting for the unit to decide it was ready to turn off, then making another pH level selection then powering on again… As impressed as I am with the Miracle MAX in other areas, I’m pretty sure I won’t be keeping it as my primary kitchen water ionizer.

Bear in mind, I use a LOT of different water ionizers on a daily basis.  I’m tend to be a bit “picky” on the details because I deal with the details on multiple units every day.  There is no “perfect” water ionizer – there’s a little something I don’t like about all of them just like there will usually be a feature I find exceptional on all of them.

Summary & Conclusions

Overall, I have no problem recommending the Chanson Miracle MAX as a “good buy” to customers.  Reasonably priced for what you’re getting.  Nice design, looks good sitting on your counter and the ability to connect the unit directly to the cold water supply is a big plus for me.  Even if you decide to get the recommended C3 Prefiltration System, your total replacement filter cost will be comparable to what you’d pay for other models – and you’ll have effective fluoride filtration.

You’ve got voice and “chime” alerts to guide you as you use the unit.  Nice safety features to help you maintain long-term optimal performance and voice prompts to remind you about flow rate adjustments when producing strong acidic water.   I’m very happy with the new mineral port and on-board flow control – and the size is nice.  Solid warranty backed by a solid company – don’t let anyone scare you away from Chanson or the Miracle MAX water ionizer.

Overall I’m happy with my Miracle MAX investment.  As picky as I am I have no doubt you will be happy with this one too.

For detailed specifications on this model, please visit the Miracle MAX store page.  Should you decide to purchase the C3 Prefiltration system with the Miracle MAX you’ll find an instant savings option available on the page.  As always, if you have questions about this product that aren’t answered here or on the store page, don’t hesitate to call.  I’d be happy to help you sort out the details.

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