Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer Review

Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer Review

It’s a Miracle!

Chanson USA’s Miracle water ionizer is the smallest counter top water ionizer on the market today – but don’t let the size fool you.  This is a 7-plate 150watt workhorse capable of producing water at pH ranges from 11.0 to 2.5 and comes with a Lifetime warranty on parts.

Small Size, Serious Performance

One of the hesitations some customers have about purchasing a water ionizer is the counter space these units take up.   Most units are 13+ inches across the front and 6+ inches front to back.   That’s a lot of counter top real estate in a small kitchen.  At less than 5 inches front to back and less than 9 inches side to side, Chanson’s 7-plate Miracle water ionizer produces the quality ionized water customers want without sacrificing counter top space you need.

Does size really matter?  With the Chanson Miracle, size is deceptive.  On the inside this little unit is packing 7 medical grade platinum coated titanium plates for 200 inches of plate surface area.   The Miracle unit operates at a maximum of 150 watts and is capable of producing alkaline ionized water at 10.5 to 11.0 pH.  Remember, results always vary based on your source water but our tests have delivered alkaline pH at 10.7 and acidic pH at 2.8.

Advanced Features

Like most advanced water ionizers the Chanson Miracle is fully adjustable within individual presets to ensure the best possible performance regardless of your source water.  Many advanced water ionizers have a “safe default” feature which means no matter what pH level of water you select “this time,” the next time you use the unit it will default back to an alkaline level that is safe for drinking – rather than strong alkaline or one of the acidic settings.  The Chanson Miracle goes a step further with this safety feature giving owners the option to program the default pH level.  Once programmed, regardless of the pH level selected the last time the unit was used, it will default back to the setting that YOU, the owner programs as the default.

Chanson Miracle Control Panel

The Chanson Miracle also goes a step further when it comes to TDS (total dissolved solids) which can impact performance of water ionizers in some areas.  Your Chanson Miracle has special adjustment options that allow this unit to perform optimally based on unique or extreme TDS levels.  The unit will come preset at levels that have proven effective in most areas however some customers find it necessary to make TDS adjustments to compensate for special needs created by stubborn source water.

I’m a big fan of “safe defaults” on water ionizers.  Households with elderly users or younger children should always consider units with some sort of safe default feature.  With the Chanson Miracle YOU decide the default pH level.  The Chanson Miracle is one of my top two picks for households with users who may need extra guidance when it comes to selecting the proper pH level for drinking.

Little Extras on this Little Ionizer

While most users are careful with counter top water ionizers which receive a water supply through a faucet adapter, accidents can happen.  Guests don’t always know what to do when faced with the “thing” connected to the faucet – suddenly your water ionizer is exposed to the danger of hot water being run through it.  The Chanson Miracle reduces that worry with its hot water sensor.  Inside the Miracle is a temperature sensor which sounds an alarm if it senses hot water and an auto shut-off which stops ionization when hot water is detected.

Should your water flow rate be insufficient for proper ionization, the Miracle unit sounds an alarm.  When an alarm sounds there’s no wondering why.  The LCD display tells you what you need to do – whether that is adjusting the flow rate or turning off the hot water!


Chanson uses a wet-molded high capacity carbon block filter for effective removal of chlorine, microorganisms, lead and other common contaminants.  The filter life and cost of replacement filters makes the long term maintenance cost of the Chanson Miracle very affordable.  Additional external pre-filters are available to address special source water concerns like fluoride or for those using well water.

Your filter life is displayed on the LCD screen so you know when it’s time to re-order or replace the internal filter.  And replacing the filter in your Chanson Miracle is easy.   The “press/release” door to the filter chamber makes accessing the filter a quick and simple procedure.

Chanson G2 Faucet

Optional Installation

Not everyone wants to have an adapter connected to their faucet with a hose running to the water ionizer – or that drain hose hanging down into the sink.  Chanson’s G2 Faucet addresses both of those issues.  Using a T-adapter to tap into the cold water line below the sink, a water line is brought up to the special G2 Faucet which mounts on the side of your sink.  Most customers opt to remove their side sink sprayer and use this hole to mount the G2 Faucet.

The water supply line runs from a T-adapter in the cold water line below the sink, up to the G2 Faucet and then from the G2 Faucet to the Miracle.  Instead of hanging into the sink your drain hose will connect to a second port on the G2 Faucet and is dispensed through the G2 Faucet spout.  Flow rate is controlled by the knob on the G2 Faucet so adjusting flow rate is simple.


Chanson USA offers a limited LIFETIME warranty on the Miracle water ionizer.  For the first 5 years Chanson USA covers both parts and labor on your Miracle water ionizer.  After the first 5 years Chanson stands behind the parts of the Miracle unit for as long as you own it.  Should your Chanson Miracle need to be repaired or have a part replaced, the company will provide the parts at no charge to you.  The customer will only be responsible for shipping and labor costs.

How the warranty works:
The Limited Lifetime warranty covers any and/ or all defective parts. For the first five (5) years all parts, labor, and ground shipping back to the customer in the USA are covered. (The customer must pay to ship the product to Chanson or deliver it to a local authorized service center). After the first five (5) years have passed, the customer will have to pay for labor and freight charges but replacement parts remain free for the life of the ionizer.

What is covered:
The Limited Lifetime warranty expressly covers all failures due to defects in materials and/or workmanship; which can occur during normal use. This is a “repair or replace” warranty, Chanson Water USA will always attempt to repair your unit, if repair is not possible Chanson Water USA will supply a replacement unit at its discretion.
The Limited Lifetime warranty covers all parts, labor and ground shipping back to the customer in the USA as described above.If the ionizer was purchased from Chanson USA we cover ground shipping each way during the first 60 days. Customers outside the USA take full responsibility for any shipping costs to and from repair center for warranty work and for any duties or customs fees incurred.

Summary & Conclusions

At $1,850 the Chanson Miracle is a sound water ionizer investment.  Most Authorized Chanson Dealers offer the Miracle for $1,650 making it an even better value.  The Chanson Miracle’s adjustability, safety features and low replacement filter cost make it a good choice for most source water areas.   The small size of this unit make it one of Water Ionizer Authority’s top two counter top water ionizer choices for customer looking to minimize visual impact or preserve valuable counter top work space.

The limited LIFETIME warranty Chanson offers on the Miracle unit eases the worry about long-term performance.  You’re covered “bumper to bumper” for the first 5 years and Chanson stands behind the parts in their units 100% for as long as you own it.  You can find the full details about the Chanson Limited Lifetime Warranty on our warranty page.

Great company, great people, great water ionizers – Chanson continues to grow in popularity.  Water Ionizer Authority has a growing list of happy Chanson customers and we are excited to see more and more people asking about the Chanson line of water ionizer products.

Ready to order a Chanson Miracle for yourself?

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