Chanson Now Offering LIFETIME Warranty

Chanson Now Offering LIFETIME Warranty

Chanson VS70 FaucetThe Faucet-style/under-counter water ionizer I chose for my home is the Chanson VS70.  I have a number of Chanson customers, all very satisfied, whether they chose the stylish VS70 or Chanson’s countertop model, the Chanson Miracle.

Now there’s another good reason to choose a Chanson product for alkaline ionized water in your home – a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their water ionizers at no additional cost.  Here are the details…

Chanson is known for some of the most reasonably priced quality water ionizers.  Their VS70 is the best-priced under-counter water ionizer on the market with 7 solid plates.  Chanson customers know the quality of these products and now the company has truly stepped up to the plate offering a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their products.

From Chanson:  “The new Limited Lifetime Warranty sets the standard in ionizer service VS70 Product Boxwarranties.  We, at Chanson Water, are so confident in our products durability and quality that we can pledge to provide extraordinary mechanical support to all our customers for LIFE.”

Chanson’s top selling models, the VS70 under-counter and the Miracle counter top model both have 7 platinum coated titanium plates.  Customers report pH ranges from 2.5 up to 11.7.  The VS70′s ability to produce strong acid water without the use of chemical enhancers is only rivaled by the Tyent TURBO 7070 counter top ionizer.

The Chanson Miracle is  THE smallest counter top water ionizer available, taking up less room on your counter than most other counter top models.  If “wasting water” is an issue for you, you’ll be pleased to know that the Chanson products produce less acid “waste water” than most other water ionizer on the market.

All water ionizers separate acid and alkaline water in the electrolysis process.  The pH level of the water you select is dispensed from the main hose or spout with undesired pH water draining into the sink through either the drain hose on counter top models or through the smaller spout on the faucet-style models.  With a Chanson, you get more of the water you want with less waste by-product.

You can find my full review of Chanson’s VS70 HERE – or feel free to call or send me an e-mail for more information on Chanson water ionizers.

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