Chanson VS70 Review

Chanson VS70 Review

Best in Class Water Ionizer

At long last! I ordered my Chanson VS70, got it installed and found it to be everything I thought it would be.

The Chanson VS70 has been my “Top Pick” for under counter or “faucet style” water ionizers since I first started carrying the product. The best price for this type of water ionizer, its ability to produce alkaline and acid water comparable to the most expensive water ionizer on the market and low annual maintenance cost are just a few reasons I’ve felt confident in recommending this unit to my customers. The owners of the company, Ronnie and Nedalee Ruiz, have always made themselves available to me and have always been open and honest. My customers who have contacted them with questions after receiving their units have been met with prompt and effective answers to their questions.

I waited until I moved my office to install my VS70 – I have to say it was the smallest water ionizer package I’ve ever recieved. Until I read “Chanson” on the return label, I didn’t even know what it was. The Chanson products are the most compact water ionizers on the market. This is important to anyone looking to conserve space. The main unit goes under the sink with the faucet mounting on the sink itself. Most of us have all of our under-sink cabinet space alloted so the VS70 unit’s compact design meant a lot less reorganizing to accomodate it.

The basic installation takes about 30 minutes – less if you take the time to lay out and study the parts and watch the installation video that comes with the unit. It’s the same basic installation as connecting a countertop water ionizer directly to your cold water line below the sink – only the VS70 unit stays below the sink with only the stylish faucet with controls showing above the sink.

Power, Plates & Performance

The VS70 has 7 flat plate plates and operates at a maximum of 150 watts. I’ve had no trouble getting acid water at 3.0 or lower with alkaline pH hovering around 11.0 on the high side. This unit produces these extreme pH levels without the use of any chemicals or minerals. Your individual results may vary based on your source water, but all of my VS70 customers have been pleased with the pH levels they are able to get from their units.

Chanson products are manufactured in a food grade facility. This means that everything in the unit meets “food grade” standards for consumer safety. There are a lot of myths and rumors circulating out there about platinum wearing off the plates and titanium leaching into the water. Food grade materials are certified as such because they meet safety standards set for safe human consumption. And just for the record, titanium is frequently used in orthopaedic and dental implants. Titanium is also often found in water sources. Titanium has not been classified as being toxic to humans – except through inhalation of titanium dust particles.

You’ve got 7 preset levels on the VS70: 4 alkaline, 1 neutral and 2 acidic. All of the settings options are accessible from the faucet control panel – the only time you have to go under the sink is to change the filter.

The unit always defaults to the 9.5 setting – the most common setting for drinking – so if you’ve just run the unit on an acid setting or strong alkaline, the next person who comes to the unit is sure to get water that is considered safe for drinking. Not all units have this type of safety feature!

Because source water can vary, the Chanson VS70 gives you the option to adjust the unit based on the TDS in your source water. Total dissolved solids (TDS) can be measured with a TDS meter. Most customers have not felt the need to make this type of adjustment but it is an option that appears to be unique to the VS70.


The Chanson VS70 is a single filter water ionizer with one of the lowest replacement filter costs. The Chanson filters are made up of a high grade wet molded silver activated carbon. This allows for premium filtration of common contaminants and superior lead and chlorine removal. Because there are no minerals or other media added to the filter the cost is lower. Some water ionizer filters add minerals or other special media to boost the alkalinity of the water prior to the water entering the electrolysis chamber. Should you live in a soft water area and require additional minerals for ionization, the Chanson filters have a section where calcium powder can be added.

The unit comes with a calcium insert. You can buy calcium powder at most drug stores or heathfood retailers. Fill the insert cartridge with calcium powder and insert it into the filter.

Chanson has made replacing your filter EASY. Most units require you access the back of the unit. This involved moving the unit around. The Chanson VS70 filter is accessed through the SIDE of the unit. When properly placed, little or no movement of the unit is required. The filter door drops open and the filter unscrews from the unit and slips out.

Because of the “no frills” filter media in the Chanson filters they last longer than most other water ionizer filters. Most people replace their Chanson filters about once a year. The damp-molded high grade activated carbon offers effective filtration for longer with excellent flow-thru.

Ease of Use

A unique convenience with the VS70 – it is the only water ionizer I know of that shows the time on the screen. When not in use the unit itself goes into power saver mode and the screen goes dark. When you are ready to use the unit you press any button on the display screen to “wake the unit up.” Once the screen lights up you can either press the center power button and the unit will default to 9.5 water for drinking or you can press the + or – (minus) button to get to your desired pH level before starting the unit. Once the unit starts it will flush the filter and lines for a few seconds and then the display will indicate that the desired level of water is being produced.

The unit also has a voice function with volume control. Once you’ve gotten used to your VS70 you may want to turn off the voice indicator – the screen will still let you know what level of water is being produced.

When producing water that is not safe for drinking an alarm will sound. This “alarm” – a repeating “tone” – sounds when the unit is set to produce acid water at any level or alkaline water at the highest level. Most water ionizers will have some sort of alarm – whether it is audio or a flashing screen – to alert the user that the water being produced is not safe for drinking.

Cleaning Function

The VS70 is designed to run its automatic cleaning cycle based on the mineral content of your water and never interfere with your ability to dispense the water. The cleaning cycle will start automatically AFTER you dispense your water. When the unit senses that it is time to run the cleaning cycle, you’ll notice that when you turn the unit off, it seems to turn itself right back on again! If you look at the display screen you will see that the unit has entered the cleaning cycle. Feel free to just walk away. As soon as the cleaning cycle is complete the unit will shut itself off automatically. Depending on the mineral content of your source water and how often you use it, the unit may clean itself once a day or once every few days.

Chanson’s Committment to Health

Drinking alkaline ionized water is only one part of improving your overall health. What we put into our bodies and how we prepare our foods is equally as important. For this reason, Chanson has made arrangements with a top brand stainless steel waterless cookware company. The Chanson VS70 sells for $2,195 – for $2,400 you can get a 22-piece high-grade stainless steel waterless cookware set. I opted to pay the extra for the cookware and I’ve been very impressed with it. I’ve thrown out my old pots and pans and now cook exclusively with my stainless steel waterless cookware. It is worth the upgrade.

Summary & Conclusions

The Chanson VS70 remains my top pick for an under-counter water ionizer. At $2,195 it is the most affordable 7-plate under-counter water ionizer on the market. Don’t let the lower price fool you. This unit is a real performer. With good looks to boot.

Excellent pH range, adjustability based on your source water, “smart sensor” cleaning cycle and one of the lowest maintenance costs of any other water ionizer on the market today are just a few reasons this unit gets my “Best in Class” rating.

I have unadvertised specials and packages for the VS70. As with ALL of my special packages, these aren’t just freebies that I throw in to raise the package value – these are items that will extend the life and performance of your Chanson VS70 and help you in your efforts towards improved health and longevity. Once you’ve decided the Chanson VS70 is the right product for you, call and ask about my unadvertised specials. I want to make sure you get the most for your investment.

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