Chanson Water Ionizer Causes Titanium Poisoning

Chanson Water Ionizer Causes Titanium Poisoning

This is a new spin on an old rumor but it remains just that – A RUMOR.

As the story goes, someone was treated for titanium poisoning – typically found in the jaw area – and it was traced back to their use of a Chanson (or other) water ionizer.  Before you buy into the latest version of the “if you don’t buy an Enagic water ionizer you could end up with titanium poisoning you should read this article.

First of all, Titanium is commonly used for dental and orthopedic implants because of its resistance to corrosion and because of the body’s inability to absorb the substance into the blood stream.  You can get all the facts on Titanium and toxicity here:

It’s important to understand that most water ionizer companies use the same materials and process to create the electrodes used in their products.  Whether those plates (technically called “electrodes”) are flat, slotted, mesh or “hybrid-mesh” the process is the same.

A large sheet of titanium is cut to make the electrode.  If there is any texturing, the texture is then cut into the solid plate.  Once the electrode has be cut and any texturingPlate Size & Power applied, it gets a double coating of platinum – either dipped in platinum or sprayed on – with a heat seal (often referred to as baking) in between each application of the titanium.

What this means is you run about as much risk of titanium leaching into your water using a Chanson water ionizer as you would with an Enagic or any other major brand.

And if titanium did leach into the water?  Well, the body just doesn’t absorb it very well – which is another reason why titanium has become the standard for dental and orthopedic implants and some surgical tools.

About the platinum coating.  If you were told the platinum coating was used to protect the water from exposure to the titanium to prevent leaching, that was misleading.  Platinum coating is applied because it is a high conductive – it allows for better conductivity of the electrical current during the ionization (or electrolysis) process.

Reports of Titanium Poisoning

There are reports of titanium poisoning out there.  These are generally related to titanium dioxide, not the element titanium itself.

Other incidents of titanium poisoning have been linked to improper fitting of dental implants or bad orthopedic implants.  DePuy had to recall their hip implants because of “metal on metal” rubbing which caused a release of metal toxins into the surrounding tissue.

To date, there have been no official, documented cases of titanium poisoning linked to using any brand of water ionizer.

Recommended Maintenance

Over time, the same minerals that allow water to be ionized will begin to build up on the plates inside any water ionizer.  When this happens, water is no longer able to come into direct contact with the plates and the result is loss of performance of the unit.

This is why companies like Chanson and Watershed have a recommended cleaning protocols and provide instructions for removing any scale buildup every six to 18 months, depending on the mineral content of your source water.  Other companies like Enagic, Tyent and KYK now provide cleaning cartridges that can be run to remove mineral scale buildup.

Those pictures of corroded electrodes that are often circulated?  That can happen to the electrodes in ANY water ionizer over time if it is not properly maintained, if the electrodes are left “active” with no water circulating through the unit or if the unit is in constant use – for extended periods of time, day after day after day – especially if the unit is not properly maintained to remove scale buildup.

Don’t let this one fool you.  It’s a rumor – you run no more risk of being poisoned by titanium using a Chanson water ionizer than any other water ionizer out there.

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