College Bound & Sometimes Customers Make Decisions For You

College Bound & Sometimes Customers Make Decisions For You

Tomorrow I’m college bound – parents’ weekend at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia.  Ionized water glutton that I am, late this afternoon I was trying to decide whether or not to take a machine with me.  I mean, it’s just for the weekend – I can get by with a portable just for a long weekend, right?   I always use ionized water to wash my face and brush my teeth, but I can get by using regular tap water  for a couple of days, right?  Right?  I used to do it all the time.

“I’ll be fine without it,” I decided – and then I got the call…


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It was a gentleman with whom I had been playing a casual bit of phone tag – we connected at last.  He wanted to know what type of pH he could expect from a machine.

My first question is always, “Well, it depends – where are you?  In what part of the country will you be using the machine?”

Turns out he was in Virginia.  A little too far away to try and catch up with him on a busy parents’ weekend at college, but he was in Virginia.  There’s my reason to bring a water ionizer.

One of my all-time favorite things to do is test different water ionizers in different areas.  At least, that’s my excuse for having so many in so many different places – and for taking a machine with me if I think I might have to be without one.

Now I just have to decide which machine I’m going to take with me.  Leaning towards my “go-to” travel machine, my Evontis Elite.  It’s not my smallest or most compact machine but it’s got so much doggone power that I can get respectable levels of both alkaline and acidic water almost anywhere I go.  That and my Chanson MiracleMax is out on demo right now.  Another favorite travel machine.

Three things I look for in a travel water ionizer:


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  1. Ionization power
  2. Size/Stability
  3. Mineral Port

My Evontis Elite is a powerhouse with 400 watts of power at the highest setting.  It’s got all the power I need to get the levels of water I want just about anywhere.

Both the Evontis Elite and Chanson Miracle Max are somewhat compact in their styling and not too bulky to move around, pack, unpack, repack, repeat as needed.  In all honesty the Miracle Max is a little more compact and it has something else I look for too…

If you don’t have 350 to 400 watts of power you darn sure better have an onboard mineral port.  Not necessarily for getting alkaline water but for making sure you can get some decent acidic water.  Did you know that strong alkaline levels are relatively easy to achieve almost anywhere but getting good acidic water isn’t always possible.  Adding a good quality salt to a mineral port will boost the acidic level

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production of a water ionizer.

Be careful though – not all water ionizers with mineral ports want you to use salt.  I know Chanson does – they actually include a sample of Himalayan salt chunks with their Miracle Max water ionizer.

So – I’m off to pack, and make sure I’ve got all the parts I need to install my Evontis Elite at the hotel.

Oh yes I am, oh yes I will.  That’s just how I roll, yo.

I’ll take pictures for you!

And one more quick note…  I will be out of the office until Tuesday, October 8.  I will be responding to e-mails and phone messages as I can while I’m on the road.

I’m so relieved that I’ll have a water ionizer with me for the trip…. ummm, I mean, I’m so excited that I’ll get to test a water ionizer in Hampden-Sydney, VA!