Ionized Water and Food Prep

Ionized Water and Food Prep

Ionized water is more than just a source of anti-oxidant drinking water.

Most water ionizers will produce five types of water: strong acidic water, acidic water, alkaline water, and strong alkaline water and neutral or purified water. Each of these waters can be used in different ways. Several of them can (and are recommended!) for cooking.

Here are some great ways to get the most out of your water ionizer!Acidic water, while not recommended for drinking, can be extremely useful in the kitchen.  Mild or “level one” acidic water has a pH of 6.0-4.0 and is perfect for washing veggies and fruits, helping to keep your produce bright-colored and fresh.

Spraying or rinsing meats with stronger acid water can eliminate bacteria that grows on the surface of meats.

When cooked with acidic water, beans cook to perfection in less time, allowing you to spend your time eating instead of cooking!   Also, your fried food will come out crispy and delicious when you use acidic water.  While frying is not the healthiest way to prepare foods, every once in awhile we’ll want to indulge.  If you’re going to do it, make it worthwhile.  Substitute acid water when regular water is called for in your favorite “fried” recipe.

Spraying foods with acidic water prior to freezing helps to ensure that the flavor of your foods won’t be lost when it’s thawed out.

Strong alkaline water – above 9.5 pH  is great for food preparation.  It removes the harsh taste and strong smell of foods such as onions and garlic.    Alkaline ionized water produces very fluffy rice, and your soups and stews will consist of purer flavors.   Many water ionizer users claim that they use less salt when cooking with alkaline ionized water because the alkaline water helps salt and other seasonings penetrate the foods and blend so much better.

Using strong alkaline ionized water when brewing your favorite coffee or tea brings out extra flavor and reduces bitterness.  Most people find that they use less coffee because the properties of the water draw the flavor of the bean into the water much more effectively.   Some find that they get an extra serving or two from a single tea bag.

Strong Alkaline water is also great for cleaning vegetables and fruits.  Just as the water draws flavor from coffee and tea, it also draws pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that are sprayed on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Using strong alkaline water instead of “regular” water in your favorite marinades can shorten the time required for the marinade.  You may find that you need to use less marinade and that the water helps the flavors penetrate the meat or vegetables much better.

Got a sticky, burned on mess?  Soaking your pan in strong alkaline water or throwing an alkaline water soaked dishtowel onto your cook top can mean a quicker, easier cleanup.

Grease mess?  Strong alkaline water can help remove it from cook tops, counters, and any other kitchen surface – and is much more environmentally friendly than traditional de-greasers.

Your water ionizer is a great source of the best drinking water available – but it’s more than just that.  Try it out around the kitchen!