Customer Experience: KYK Genesis

Customer Experience: KYK Genesis

Thumbs upI love hearing back from my customers.  “Kim T.” wrote to me last week with comments about her experience   I’m sharing it here with her permission.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service from beginning to end.  Romi, I appreciated your unbiased opinion on all the machines you sell as I was trying to decide which one to buy and you continued to be supportive and patiently guided me over the phone as I was installing my unit. When I needed to contact the distributor and had a hard time reaching them, it was nice to have your company as a representative and make the calls on my behalf.  And even months later you made sure I got a replacement user guide after I lost mine. You didn’t just sell me a water machine and walk away, you made sure I was well served from beginning to end. Quality personal customer service is so, so important in this day and age and I truly appreciate your company for offering it. Thanks again! Kim”

Thanks for the kind words, Kim!  I’m here for you anytime!

The KYK Genesis has been upgraded and is now sold as the KYK Generation 2.

KYK Generation II

The new KYK Generation II has 250 watts of power, upgraded filters and the red/white color has been replaced by silver/white styling.