Do You Have Portable Water Ionizers?

Do You Have Portable Water Ionizers?

Yes!  We have three portable water ionizer options available.  The H2Go Portable, the Alkapod and the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick. 

The H2Go has been our best selling portable water ionizer option.  It’s small, lightweight and effectively ionizes AND filters 16 ounces of water in about 60 seconds.  Each filter will last for about 3 months of daily use.

Because the H2Go also effectively filters the water, you can use water from any tap.  At work, school, when traveling – the H2Go filters out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria.

H2Go Customers have reported pH levels as high as 10.5 using straight unfiltered tap water.  Water Ionizer Authority testing has shown ORP readings as high as a negative 350.  Results will always vary based on your source water.

The only downside to the H2Go is its own power.  Because portable ionizers don’t offer any way to adjust the pH of the water you are producing, if your source water produces water with a pH of 10, then that’s what you’ve got.  But getting a lower pH for drinking is as easy as pouring the water into a glass and letting it sit for a few minutes.  You can also add a little bottled water to bring down the pH level.

The Alkapod is another popular portable choice.  You add water to the Alkapod and shake to alkalize/ionize the water.  It can neutralize some chlorine but because the water does not flow through an actual filter, it is not the best option if you are looking for effective filtration of chlorine and bacteria.

The Alkapod has two filter areas – a permanent filter at the bottom and a replaceable filter in the cap.  The filter inside the cap will last for about a year.  The Alkapod holds about 16 ounces of water and can be refilled and shaken as you drink the water that you produce.

As with other portable water ionizer products, the alkalinity and ORP of the water will vary based on your source water.  We’ve tested the Alkapod and produced alkaline water as strong as 9.7 with an ORP as high as a negative 275.  If you decide to use bottled water with your Alkapod be sure there the water you are using has sufficient mineral content for proper ionization.  The Alkapod and H2Go both work through ion-exchange.  Mineral elements in the filter interact with the minerals in the water to raise the pH and create and “charge” the water.  Without sufficient minerals in the source water these products will not effectively alkalize or ionized the water.

We also carry the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick.  This product can be used with any source water.  The “stick” releases hydrogen into the water.  Unlike the H2Go and the Alkapod, the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick does not produce alkaline ionized water immediately.  You need to leave the stick in the water for 15 to 20 minutes for effective ionization.  Shaking the bottle can speed up the process some.

While the Hydrogen Rich Water Stick is convenient because you simply drop it into your water bottle, maintenance is required.  First of all, the stick must always be covered with water.  You’ll need to top off your water bottle each time the water level drops leaving any portion of the stick not covered by water.  Also, the stick requires cleaning every couple of weeks so that it will continue working properly.

They Hydrogen Rich Water Stick will last about 6 months.  At the end of that time you replace the whole thing.