Enagic Cleaning Procedure

Enagic Cleaning Procedure

Enagic recommends cleaning your kangen water machine on a regular basis.  They have designed a cleaning system to make this easier and more convenient.

The cleaning procedure is relatively simple and the new E-cleaner system is much more affordable than the original one-time-use cleaning cartridges the company previously used.  You can work your Enagic cleaning into your regular home cleaning schedule or make it an overnight process – starting and finishing the cleaning process only takes a few minutes but you’ll need to let the machine “soak” to properly remove any scale buildup.

Here’s how the E-cleaner system works and where you can get yours…

How it Works

The E-cleaner system comes with a cartridge and cleaning powder.  The cartridge looks like a small filter cartridge – you replace the filter cartridge in your Enagic water ionizer with the cleaning cartridge to clean the unit.

  1. Start by adding a packet of cleaning powder to the cleaning cartridge.
  2. Turn off your Enagic water ionizer and unplug it from the wall.
  3. Next, remove the filter from your Enagic water ionizer and set it to the side – you’ll want to have a towel handy – the filter holds water and there will be drips as you remove it.
  4. Now install the cleaning cartridge – just like you were replacing the filter.
  5. Turn the water on and let it run through the unit for 10 to 15 seconds, then turn the water off.  This dissolved the citric acid powder and begins distributing it through the machine.
  6. Place both the acid drain hose and the top dispenser hose in a cup or bowl and run water through the Enagic unit again, filling the bowl or cup until the ends of the acid hose and dispenser hose are covered.
  7. Turn the water off.
  8. Let the unit and hoses sit for 3 – 5 hours – during this “wait” time, the citric acid solution is soaking away any build-up inside the unit.
  9. After you’ve let the unit “soak” for 3 – 5 hours, remove the hoses from the cup or bowl and move them back to where you usually have them.
  10. Turn the water on for 30 seconds to flush the unit.
  11. Remove the cleaning cartridge from the unit.
  12. Put the filter back in the unit.
  13. Allow water to run through the machine for another 30 – 60 seconds to ensure all of the citric acid solution is flushed from the machine.
  14. Plug the unit back in and you’re ready to use it again.

This cleaning procedure can be run monthly or as often as you like.  The citric acid “soak” will remove buildup from the electrodes which can hamper performance of your kangen water machine.  By running this cleaning procedure on a regular basis you can ensure long term performance of your Enagic water ionizer.

Get an E-Cleaning System

If you purchased your Enagic water ionizer from an authorized Enagic distributor anytime after mid-2009, your machine should have come complete with an E-cleaning system and several packets of cleaner.

If you would like to order an E-cleaner system or if you need refills of the citric acid cleaning powder you can find them in our Enagic store by clicking one of the images below.

Enagic E-Cleaner System - CLICK TO BUY

Enagic E-Cleaner Refills - CLICK TO BUY