Enagic SD501 vs. AQ500

Enagic SD501 vs. AQ500

One of the products we’re asked is about most is the Enagic SD501.  Most shoppers seem to love it on paper right up until they see the price tag. While everyone is interested in purchasing the product, they want the product – not the MLM opportunity.

Here’s a rundown of the differences between these two products…

Price first:  Unfortunately our hands are tied with regard to pricing on the SD501. The company builds the MLM program into their pricing and we are unable to work around that. A comparable product that we offer and have researched would be the Watershed AQ500. Formerly sold under the KYK brand name “Harmony” this machine also has flat plates and higher wattage than other water ionizers.  Both the AQ500 and the SD501 have flat plates.

Here are the main differences between the SD501 and the Watershed AQ500:

  • Where the Watershed AQ500 has 5 flat plates with 135 inches of surface area, the SD501 has 7 flat plates with 245 inches of surface area.
  • The next most important thing to consider is the power. The Watershed AQ500 is a 150 watt machine and the SD501 is a 230 watt machine.  However, the Watershed AQ500 operates with a Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which allows the machine to operate more efficiently – using less power, no risk of overheating, and the SMPS is designed to run the machine at optimal levels – this is from our electrolysis expert.
  • The water output of the two machines in liters per minute are 4 to 5 liters per minute for the AQ500 and 7 liters per minute for the SD501.
  • Both units offer more than one filter option however all filters for the AQ500 are rated to remove both lead and chlorine for the full life of the filter.  Enagic’s standard filter removes lead and chlorine for only the first half of the filter life and then only chlorine for the remainder.  For lead and chlorine for the full life of the filter you will need to upgrade to Enagic’s High Grade filter.
  • Your Enagic filter is good for 11,000 liters and the AQ500 filter life is 10,000 liters.  Not much difference there – unless you look at replacement filter cost.  AQ500 filters run between $59 and $89 where Enagic’s standard filters cost between $100 – $120, depending on where you shop.  Enagic’s High Grade Replacement Filter, which removes both lead and chlorine for the full 11,000 liters will run between $120 – $140.  Again, prices vary depending on where you shop.
  • Both units have a standard 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Finally, the pricing structure – The SD501 cost is $3,980 where the AQ500 is $999.

The most expensive component of any water ionizer is going to be the plates because of the cost of the platinum and titanium used. With the SD501′s 2 additional plates and 110 extra inches of total plate surface area, we can easily say that a some of the price difference is in materials. How much of that pricing is related to MLM-build-in is anybody’s guess. If you’re curious, do a Google search for “Enagic Compensation Plan.”

In Summary the SD501 is definitely a superior product with regard to its ability to produce more ionized water in a shorter period of time, the amount of plate surface area and wattage.   We do prefer the Watershed AQ500′s SMPS, and while water flow rates are lower with the AQ500, this unit will reliably  produce quality ionized water with a pH range of 4.0 to 10.5.  As always and with ANY water ionizer, your results may vary based on your source water condition.
The AQ500 his product will cost you around $2,900 less and you’ll pay less when it’s time to replace your filters!