EP1000 Review

EP1000 Review


Perhaps the most striking thing about Watershed products is the President of the company. If you’ve been researching water ionizers you have no doubt come across the name Bob McCauley and his book “The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water.”  When an authority on the properties of ionized water puts his name on a product you have to take a closer look.

This unit is also known as the GoldFox EP1000.  We here at Water Ionizer Authority have it under the “Watershed” category to make sure that followers of Bob McCauley know that this is one of his “babies.”  Let’s take a closer look at the EP1000, what it’s got and what you can expect from this water ionizer – One of the biggest differences we found between Watershed’s EP1000 and other water ionizers in its class was the price.  Watershed water ionizers are the most affordable products on the market.  When we asked a Watershed representative why, their response was simple and straightforward. They import their products directly from Taiwan.  Watershed sites lower manufacturing costs, their direct relationship with the manufacturer and their President’s desire to make water ionizers affordable for more people as the reasons their products are so much less expensive than other water ionizers on the market.

  • But how do they stack up against names like Jupiter, Tyent, Life and others?

When it comes to filtration systems, the debate over dual being better than single rages on.   All Watershed products are single filtration, just like Enagic/Kangen, Alkazone and most Jupiter products.  The downside to dual fitration is filter change times.  One filter is usually on a longer change cycle than the other which some might interpret as twice the maintenance.  The other dual filter downside is replacement filter cost.  Companies like Tyent and IonQuench sell their replacement filters in sets at a relatively reasonable price.  If you are considering a dual filter unit you should always check the life of each filter and the cost of the individual filters or replacement filter kits/sets.

The EP1000′s filter is good for 10,000 liters or roughly 12 months and removes chlorine, lead and other common contaminants for the full life of the filter. Only Enagic/Kangen products (also single filter) last longer (11,000 liters) however their standard filter only removes lead for the first half of the filter life.  You need to upgrade to Enagic’s High Grade replacement filter for effective removal of both lead and chlorine for the full life of the filter.

Some filter change indicators are “timers” based on time of use.   The EP1000 filter change indicator is based on actual usage and the filter life is always visible on the LCD display.

The EP1000 is a 150watt device with a transformer power system. While in some cases transformer water ionizers have been reported to overheat, the company has taken care with matting to reduce mineral build up and designed the electrode chamber for maximum draining. This combined with revised inner structure allow the EP1000 to operate for 100 hours continuously without the risk of overheating.

As for flow rate, only Enagic/Kangen with 7.6 liters/min ranks higher.  Watershed’s EP1000 boasts a 6 liter/minute maximum flow rate.  Regardless of the maximum flow rate available on a water ionizer, at Water Ionizer Authority we have found that units produce the best quality of water at a flow rate of 2 to 3 liters per minute.  Slowing the flow rate allows more contact time between the water and the plates which will increase both pH and ORP.

In Summary, overall, we like this product. The only areas we would advise you to put more careful thought and consideration are your preference for dual filtration over single, SMPS over transformer, and that “made in Tawain” stamp.   Then again, it also carries the “Watershed” stamp – Bob McCauley’s dedication to quality health and wellness products should eliminate any worries you might have about the products manufacturing quality.
All in all Watershed’s EP1000 seems to be a solid product that actually surprised us with it’s ability to stand up to the higher-priced “big boys” in the market.

It’s not the most attractive water ionizer out there, but it’s got the best looking price tag and as far as materials and functionality it’s right up there with some of the best names out there. Maybe that’s why Bob McCauley liked this unit enough to make it one of his own.