Old School Ethics + Awesome Water Ionizer = Very Satisfied Water Ionizer Customer

Old School Ethics + Awesome Water Ionizer = Very Satisfied Water Ionizer Customer


Tyent water ionizer customer reviews his experience with Water Ionizer Authority – and his Tyent 7070 TURBO.  He included his basic source water information and the results of his personal testing with pH and ORP meters.

Very thorough review from a very satisfied customer….

“I recently bought a Tyent 7070 Turbo from Ms.Romi Sink.  She is the water ionizer authority hands down.  The woman is very well versed in all of what she is selling and doesn’t push anyone into any particular brand.  She will advise on her findings what she feels are great machines and will help you find the particular model that best suits your needs and and finances.  

“There are many out there and they all make ionized alkaline water and are decent.  There are particulars that one might want and she knows the machines like the back of her hand.   She is old school in her ethics and wants to make sure you are well informed before you spend your money and gives you the pros and cons of the machines so that you are happy and satisfied.   You can shoot most questions at her and she can answer most if not she will tell you”I’ll get back to you on this” and she doesn’t disappoint you by not getting back to you.  She is accountable and takes her title very seriously and it shows.  

“One doesnt find people like this in a business that most know nothing about that.  She so complete and thorough with her knowledge.  She also has great specials when she can and will work with her customers closely so they get a great deal.  I did and I will advise any one if they are going to buy a water ionizer she is the one that will make your purchase enjoyable and you will have what you want and need due to her expertise.

Now for the break down of the great machine she sold me.  I have very high alkaline source water( 8.7 and was afraid that I would not get the results that I wanted.)  Well I’m here to tell you that the 7070 Turbo is awesome in my book.  I am able to make acidic water as low as 2.4 and alkaline as high as 11.6 my ORP values are off the charts also -830 to -850 no problem.  

“I will tell you that I will slow flow into the machine a bit to get those results but thats not a problem.  The customer service (havent need repairs but wanted info from them on the machine) is a group of very friendly intelligent people who were eager to help me and I even called back at least 4x and still no one was rude and no I didnt speak to machine just a live courteous person.  I wont mention the other brand I almost bought but Romi doesnt sell it due to poor customer service and a smoke n mirrors sales team.   Not Tyent, rock solid performance backed by the best customer service team in the industry in my opinion and who can argue with an unlimited lifetime warranty.  

“My next purchase will be a 9090 Turbo and I will give this one to a family member who will enjoy its benefits just like I do!!   I’m a believer and know anyone who uses this machine and Romi for their purchase  will be one too!!”

Steve R.

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