Evontis – Products for Healthy Living

Evontis – Products for Healthy Living

EvontisEvontis – the newest player in the water ionizer industry – will be launching soon as an MLM, becoming the latest to offer consumers the opportunity to build their own business by promoting products for healthy living.

Evontis’ feature product, the Evontis Elite is a 9-plate water ionizer with conveniences that have not been seen in water ionizers offered anywhere else that we’ve found.

Products for Healthy LivingEvontis Water Ionizer

In addition to the Evontis Elite water ionizer, Evontis distributors will also be able to offer air ionizers, shower filters and other products designed to work specifically with alkaline ionized water.

The Evontis Elite will be a counter top water ionizer with new conveniences for users.

Evontis’ air ionizers are designed to remove odors from the air as well as mold and allergens.

As important as the water we drink and the air we breathe is the water we use for bathing.  Dedicated to creating healthy home environments, Evontis’ line of products will also include shower filters designed to provide healthy water for a healthier shower experience.

Water Ionizer Authority looks forward to representing Evontis and their line of quality products.  As we receive Evontis our products and begin putting them through testing here we will keep you informed and provide you with a full list of available Evontis products.