Evontis Water Ionizer Products Available through Water Ionizer Authority

Evontis Water Ionizer Products Available through Water Ionizer Authority

Water Ionizer Authority now carries the full line of Evontis water ionizer and “healthy home” products.

Evontis has taken an holistic approach, offering a full line of products for the healthiest home and lifestyle possible.

Water ionizers, air purifiers, shower filters and more, here’s a brief rundown of the Evontis product line.

Evontis Elite Water Ionizer

Evontis Elite Water Ionizer

The Evontis Elite water ionizer is the company’s flagship product.  The Elite water ionizer offers innovations in design and function and is the most powerful non-commercial water ionizer available today.

With up to 400 watts of SMPS power and 9 electrodes we have produced water from 1.8 to 12.0 pH without the need for any chemical enhancer solution.   Your results may vary based on your source water but the power and plates in the Evontis Elite ensure that you get the most ionization power possible for your area.

With clean, white casing and stainless steel front, the Evontis Elite looks every bit as good as it performs.  And Evontis made changing the filters in your Evontis Elite easier than any other water ionizer out there.  The entire front panel swings open easily for access to the filter area.  Each filter “tips out” making them easier to grip for removal of the old filters and replacing the new ones.

Evontis Air Filter

Evontis Air™ Purifier

The air we breathe is as important as the water we drink.  The Evontis Air Purifier is a triple zone air purification system designed to clean the air in up to 2,250 square feet of your home.

The system includes 3 individual air purification modules that plug into any standard power outlet in your home.  Each individual Evontis Air™ Purifier reduces mold, bacteria and other biological contaminants in a 750 square foot “zone” in your home.

The triple “zone system” allows you to effectively treat multiple areas of your home rather than relying on a single component to reach every area.  Each individual Evontis Air™ Purifier is small, lightweight and portable enough to take with you when you travel – or even install in your office.  Operation is completely silent.  All you’ll notice is fresher air…

Evontis Portable Water Ionizer

The PhandORP Portable Water Ionizer

Evontis’ PhandORP Portable water ionizer is the largest truly portable water ionizer available today.  With a capacity of just over one liter you can produce all the alkaline ionized water you need when you are away from your home water ionizer unit.

The stainless steel design is lightweight and durable.  The product has easy access to both the bottom – where the filter is secured – and the top, where you would add water to ionize.  The easy access makes cleaning the PhandORP easy with no concerns about soapy residue getting in a fixed-mounted filter area.

The PhandORP portable water ionizer filters out common contaminants while alkalizing and ionizing ordinary tap water.  Each individual filter is good for about 90 uses.  Ideal for travel.

Take2O Waterware

Take2O Waterware

The Take2O is a 700ml capacity stainless steel bottle designed specifically for maintaining the properties of ionized water.  The dual-wall design and vacuum seal cap keep heat, light and free radicals out while sealing in the alkalinity and antioxidant properties of alkaline ionized water.

When taking alkaline ionized water with you, you can be sure that your Take2O stainless steel bottle will prevent premature pH and ORP degradation – fresher water longer, no matter where you go.

The dual-wall design and vacuum seal cap are so effective at locking in the good stuff in and locking the bad stuff out that this bottle will actually keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours.  Thanks to the dual-wall insulation the bottle will never get to hot or cold to handle – hot tea or coffee, iced tea – you can carry your Take2O Waterware comfortably regardless of how hot or cold the contents.

Shower pHresh

Shower pHresh

You’re drinking the best water possible from your Evontis Elite water ionizer – why not shower in the cleanest water possible too?  That’s what Evontis had in mind when they designed the Shower pHresh shower filter.

The Shower pHresh removes 99% of chlorine and other common contaminants from your shower.  The filter attaches easily to standard shower fixtures.  You can use your own shower head or the adjustable shower head that comes with the Shower pHresh filter.

The two-stage filter uses patented technology to reduce chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s and THM’s that can be inhaled as steam in your shower or absorbed by the skin.

pHave Energy Drink Mix

pHave Energy Drink

Evontis has also included an alkaline-activated energy drink to their product line.  A great afternoon pick-me-up at the office or on the go or as a boost at the gym, pHave Energy Drink was designed to be activated by alkaline ionized water creating a smooth, low calorie energy drink.

pHave Energy Drink Mix comes in individually wrapped single serving packets.  Drop one in your purse, pocket or gym bag and mix with water from your Take2O or pHandORP for a quick pick-me-up when you’re ready.

Made with a proprietary blend of Acai Berry, Schizandra, B Vitamin array and other natural ingredients designed to increase energy and boost metabolism.  pHave Energy Drink contains no Taurine and won’t leave you with that “crash” feeling you get from most sugary, acidic sports drinks or sodas.

pHave Energy Drink is an ALKALINE energy drink – the first of its kind.

pHresh Start Drink Mix

pHresh Start Daily Waterceutical

Jump start your day with Evontis’ pHresh Start Daily Waterceutical.  Another first of its kind, pHresh Start is an alkaline ‘waterceutical’ designed to be activated by alkaline ionized water.  The proprietary blend of Vitamin A, Ginko Biloba, Acai Berry, Vitamin B array and other key ingredients can be a healthy alternative to your morning cup of coffee.

This alkaline nutritional drink was engineered to enhance mental alertness, increase energy, provide immune system support and promote a healthy metabolism.  One scoop (provided) in six to eight ounces of alkaline ionized water will start your day off right – or it can provide an extra boost in the afternoon.   High in antioxidants, mixes easily with alkaline ionized water, won’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated.

EvontisEvontis Opportunity

Evontis is a network marketing company designed to give individuals an opportunity to earn money by sharing the “healthy home, healthy lifestyle” concept.  Your purchase of an Evontis Elite water ionizer or Evontis “Healthy Home Pack” gives you the option to enroll in the business opportunity and earn money by telling others about the benefits you’ve experienced using the Evontis line of products.

The company offers a website service where you can refer your leads so that they can purchase directly online through you.  Informational and training webinars are held regularly to help you learn more about the products and building your business.  The back-office of your “MyEvontis” website provides all the tools you need to manage your business, order marketing materials or additional products for yourself.

You don’t have to be a member of the Evontis Team to purchase any of the products, but it’s nice to know that you have the option to be rewarded for sharing great information about great products for a healthy home and lifestyle.

You can learn more about the Evontis line of products through the Evontis page of our store OR by visiting Water Ionizer Authority’s MyEvontis website.  Water Ionizer Authority has been a member of the Evontis Team since November of 2010 and uses the full line of Evontis products on a daily basis.