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Fluoride is difficult to remove from water and requires specific filtration media for effective removal.  While every counter top and under counter water ionizer will have a filtration system designed to remove common contaminants, none will offer what could be considered “effective” Fluoride removal.

There’s a good reason for that…

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The ORP of alkaline water is where alkaline ionized water drinkers get the biggest benefits.

“Oxidation reduction potential” or “ORP” as it is referred to in the water ionizer industry, equals antioxidant potential.

While drinking alkaline water offers benefits over drinking regular tap or bottled water, the ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of the water is the true measure of its potential health benefits.

Not all “alkaline water” is equal when it comes to ORP.

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I went to this web site and they are sooooo in favor of the Jupiter Orion or Aquarius.   I don’t know if you know Dr. Young but he is very well respected. I spoke to one of his breast cancer survivors this morning.   Wow what an inspiration she is.   I am so confused.  What are your thoughts?

I just want to buy a great machine but I certainly do not want to spend money that I do not need to spend.   I have a 4 year old and a busy life so I need convenience as well.

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Do you have portable water ionizers?

Yes – the most popular is the H2Go Pitcher. These work used by pouring water into the top of the unit, and the water passes through a filterH2Gonull which removes contaminants and alkalizing it within only a minute or two.   The way they work is similar to Brita units.  However, the water contains a high pH and a low ORP, plus it contains suitable minerals.

If we go with a unit for the home we prefer someone who has been in the business for more than 5 years and has a good local (US) presence.

The companies who have been in the water ionizer business in the United States the longest are Watershed, Jupiter, Enagic and Alkazone.  Tyent, Chanson and Water for Life USA have all been in business for under 5 years (as of 2009) but these companies have proven to be reliable with regard to customer support and warranty issues.

You should also be aware that, even though these companies have not been established in the US as long as others, the products that are sold have been available in the US and throughout Asia for 5 years or longer.

When you get closer to making a decision you want to consider how you will be taken care of should you have any issues with the unit during the warranty period.  If you have questions about “service after sale” on any company, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide detailed information for you.

What are the most popular alternatives to Enagic’s SD501?

The 2 most popular alternatives to the Enagic SD501 are the KYK Genesis (recently upgraded and sold as the Generation II)  and the Tyent KYK Generation IInullproducts followed by the Watershed EC550 and the Jupiter Athena.  The customers find minimal or no difference in the taste and texture of the water and they are all achieving the same personal results as they were when they were drinking Enagic water.


In this article we hope to address the most common questions about source waters and water ionizers.  These “basics” will outline the most common types of source water and explain what you are most likely to expect based on these common types of source water.  We’ll also address the basics of additional treatment for each type of source water and whether they are considered optional, recommended or strongly recommended.

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Your EC550, while it does not come with an under-the-counter adapter, the diverter is “shower” style and shuts itself automatically once the water flow has stopped. (Like the old-fashioned tub/shower diverters – you run the water through the tub faucet, then pull up on a metal tab to divert the water to the shower – the EC550 has “pull-tab” style diverter that works like this – once the water supply is shut off, the diverter closes back again and water goes straight through the tap)

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Can ionized water help my body become more alkaline?
What is the difference between tap water, bottled water, and alkaline water?
What are the benefits of hexagonal water, especially as opposed to regular water?
I’ve gotten headaches during the first few days of drinking ionized water. Is this related?
What have you noticed since drinking ionized water?
Can children and pets drink ionized water?

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Absolutely yes.

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