From a Chanson VS70 Customer…

From a Chanson VS70 Customer…

under counter water ionizerI got a call earlier this week from one of my Chanson VS70 customers in California.  She and her husband had recently relocated and wanted to order more of the pH testing solution.   I took advantage of the opportunity to ask her how she liked her VS70 and if there was anything she’d like to share about the unit or her results with the water.

She and her husband have been very happy with the unit but were THRILLED with some unexpected benefits that the water had to offer….

Because of certain medications, her husband is a “bleeder.”  Making matters worse is the fact that he always seems to be getting little cuts.   A little cut for him in the past meant an extended period of time applying pressure trying to stop the bleeding.

Shortly after installing their Chanson VS70 he got another cut.  They decided to try the acid water to see if it would help.  They set the unit to the highest alkaline setting and ran the water coming from the acid drain spout over the cut.  THEY WERE AMAZED!  “Sharon” said that the bleeding stopped almost instantly!

She went on to tell me about recurring sores that her husband would get.  One of these meant over a week of treatment and discomfort trying to get it to heal.  When he had another of these sores appear they decided to try the acid water in it as well.   Again, they were amazed and thrilled.  Within a day or two the sore was completely dried up and healed.

For day to day drinking “Sharon” and her husband use the 9.5 alkaline water for drinking – which is their primary use for their Chanson VS70.  They now keep the strong acid water on hand to treat her cuts, scrapes and any sores that may pop up.

This couple has now installed their Chanson VS70 TWICE on their own.  First was the original installation, which took a little more time as they had to get familiar with the parts and where they went.  The second installation was after their recent move, which went much more quickly since they already knew what went where.

I don’t aggressively pursue “testimonials” from my customers.  They’ll all tell you that I respect their privacy and keep their personal information personal.  But when I do hear back from them I like to ask how things are going and if there’s anything they’d like to share with me.

When a customer has a story to tell that I think might be helpful to other water ionizer shoppers or customers/users, I like to put it up here.  I hope that you’ve found this brief story helpful.

With regard to strong acid water – personally I keep a small glass bottle with a mist sprayer Xiu-Xiufull of the stuff.  It’s my “go-to” first aid treatment of choice.   My little Yorkie, Xiu-Xiu, is the primary beneficiary of the stuff when she gets cuts and scrapes from chasing squirrels through the bushes.   Occasionally though,  I’ll have a pimple try to pop up or go through a week where I’m plagued with paper cuts.  When those things happen I just reach for my little spray bottle and “spritz” to treat.

I encourage everyone to save their acid water.  Plants love it, and even at the mildest setting it is great for your skin and can offer “first aid” benefits.

If you’d like more information on the Chanson line of water ionizers, please visit the Chanson Store Page or read my review of the Chanson VS70.  I’ll be posting information on uses for alkaline and acid ionized water soon – hopefully before the end of the week so stay tuned for that as well!

Healthier Water makes Healthier Bodies so we can live HAPPIER LIVES!
Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority