From a Water Ionizer Authority Customer

From a Water Ionizer Authority Customer

A+I received this by e-mail today from KYK Genesis customer “Robin D.” and with his permission, wanted to share it with everyone.

“I was introduced to the water ionized market by a Kangen Water representative. After listening to the business opportunity and trying the water for a week I decide that I had to have a water ionizer. For 3days I researched the ionized water industry on everything from the benefits of the water to the machines that produce it. Finally I came across Not only did they have every major water ionizer on the market, but they also had vast selection of ionizers I was discovering for the first time. In addition waterionizerauthority had what I had been looking for…DETAILED spec on all the ionizers. This made my decision easier on selecting a machine. The KYK Genesis!! To top it off I received updates on the status of my order as it was changing. I just wanted to say thank you for having the perfect water ionizer site.”

Thank you for the kind words, Robin – and for sharing your experience.

KYK Generation II

I have other e-mails from other customers that I hope to post soon as well.

The KYK Genesis has been replaced by the KYK Generation 2 water ionizer.

The upgraded KYK Generation II features 250 watts of power and new silver/white styling.