Chanson VS70 Customer Review

Chanson VS70 Customer Review

Chanson VS70

Chanson VS70 customer review.  He’s had his Chanson under counter water ionizer for over a year now and has been promising to send a review since the first week he got it.  He’s a single father so I appreciate the time he took to send his comments, no matter how long it took!

Here’s what he had to say about his experience with the Chanson VS70.

I’d been drinking water from a reverse osmosis system for years thinking it was the best water out there.  Then someone told me about alkaline water and I decided to test the water I was getting from my RO system.  I was shocked at how acidic the water was.  Close to a 4 pH according to the color chart that came with the pH drops!

There’s a real difference in the taste of the water I get from my Chanson water ionizer.  A lot lighter and I think I’ve been drinking more water since I got it.  I only drink a few glasses a day, not as much as I should, but at least it’s a better quality water and I’m definitely drinking more than I was from my RO system.  Honestly, my biggest use of the water is for making coffee.  Definitely makes a smoother, richer pot of coffee.

My son is in the band and the summer camps are pretty brutal.  I think that filling his water bottles with the alkaline water have really helped his stamina.  And he’s doing great in school. 

About the installation – I’m pretty handy and wasn’t too worried about figuring out the under counter installation, but I never got the chance.  My 15-year-old son did most of the installation for me.  He only needed help holding the faucet in place while he secured it from under the sink.  No doubt he won’t be happy I did this but I’m including a picture of him under the sink working on the installation.  Don’t let anybody decide not to get one of these things because they are worried about the installation.  If my 15-year-old son can figure it out I’m sure just about anyone can.

Thanks again for your help choosing a water ionizer for me and my son.  Guess you’ll be hearing from me about replacement filters soon.

Donald B.
Northern Mississippi

Glad that you and your son are enjoying your Chanson VS70!  It’s a great under counter water ionizer, reasonably priced – my first under counter water ionizer was actually a Chanson VS70.

If you’d like more information about the Chanson VS70 you can read Water Ionizer Authority’s review of this product or visit the Chanson VS70 store page for product specifications and current pricing.