From Retired Physician

From Retired Physician

Water Ionizer Authority Newsletter“Dr. Jeff” is a retired Navy physician who recently began looking into the benefits of ionized water.

After choosing the Tyent brand for himself and seeing positive results, he referred another friend who also purchased a Tyent water ionizer.

“Dr. Jeff” was so impressed with the benefits he saw after drinking alkaline ionized water – and so pleased with his Tyent water ionizer – that he is now an Authorized Tyent Dealer in Tidewater, VA.

Romi – Hope you’re doing extremely well in the alkaline water business. I have really enjoyed mine. It has been very interesting in that my hair which is normally very gray is beginning to almost about to recover its natural state of light brown. Also my toenails are growing like crazy (I’m 80 years old and they look like I’m probably in my 50s). My energy is incredible and my brain is sharp. Mr. Herm, who is now 92, is still swimming 8 to 10 laps every weekday. He had gotten almost senile in his brain use, but now he is almost as bright as he was at 75. And as you may recall, he had a quadruple bypass with 95% occlusion when he was 68. Can account for it only through use of the alkaline water.


In many cases, toenail/fingernail growth can be associated with increased calcium absorption.  Lower levels of acidity and toxins in the system allows the blood to be better oxygenated which can result in increased physical and mental energy.  Healthy blood oxygen levels also help the brain function better and more effectively for longer periods of time.

Increased mental and physical energy are the most common “first effects” reported by individuals who begin drinking alkaline ionized water.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Dr. Jeff!  I’m glad that you and Mr. Herm are both enjoying healthy active retirement lifestyles!

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