Genesis Platinum Review

Genesis Platinum Review

Power, Performance & Just Plain Pretty


The KYK Genesis is no longer available. This model has been replaced by the Genesis Platinum. It is the same water ionizer, same internal components, operations, functions, features only the Genesis Platinum unit comes directly from EOS, the source parts manufacturer for the Genesis which was assembled by KYK using EOS parts and design. The Genesis Platinum has a new look with silver face and 4 one-touch alkaline pre-sets.

The Genesis, now replaced by the upgraded Genesis Platinum is EOS’s top-of-the-line water ionizer. The Genesis Platinum’s advanced automated cleaning system runs automatically after each use so that you never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to end before you are able to get a glass of water. The Genesis Platinum also offers a six item auto-diagnosis system to help you troubleshoot any problems it may be encountering.

The old KYK Genesis had 4 alkaline and 4 acid presets controlled by 1 alkaline button and one acidic button – to get the alkaline or acid water you wanted you pressed the alkaline or acid button repeatedly to reach the desired preset level. The new control panel on the Genesis Platinum has a separate button for each of the alkaline presets. You still toggle between the different acid settings by pressing the “acidic” button until the desired pH level is indicated on the LCD screen.

The Genesis Platinum still offers dual filtration and operates at 250 watts regulated by a SMPS power system. When you factor in the patented slotted-mesh texture of the plates, the Genesis Platinum offers close to 220 inches of total plate surface area in their top selling 7-plate model.

The plates in the Genesis Platinum are a patented mesh-slotted design which offers the anti-build up protection of flat plates with the increased surface area and texture of “mesh” plates. Slottled plates allow for better flow through of water in the electrolysis chamber – which means more contact between the water and the plates which allows for good ionization.

Premium Filtration

The Genesis Platinum’s dual filtration system is made up of one eight-stage specialized media filter and a premium activated carbon filter. The Premium Activated Carbon filter is structured to improve the reduction of heavy metals and fluoride found in many city water sources. The silver activated carbon portion of the filter kills bacteria and keeps them from growing within the filter and being passed through to the electrolysis chamber. The three-stage sediment filter reduces additional sediment particles in the water maintaining the life and performance of your water ionizer.

Most customers are replacing the first filter at around 9 months and the second at around 12 months at a cost of about $140 for the set. Check with Water Ionizer Authority when you are ready to purchase your Genesis Replacement filters – we sometimes offer a discount when ordering the set which includes both 1st and 2nd replacement filters.

Settings & Output

The Genesis Platinum has a PH range of 11.0 on the alkaline side to 3.5 on the acid side. Your pH readings will vary based on your source water. Customers in hard water areas tend to have good results on the alkaline side but challenges getting acid water. In softer water areas you should still be able to achieve at least a 10.0 pH on the alkaline side and may find your acid water reaching levels as low as 3.0

The max negative ORP on the Genesis will top out at about -780, but again, this will vary on your source water and conditions. Anyone using a water ionizer should remember some health professionals recommend NOT consuming water with a negative ORP over 350 (that’s -350) on a regular basis.

The Genesis Platinum gives you options for 76 programmable PH and ORP levels all easily set using the touch sensors on the face of the unit. You will have nine pre-set levels including 4 alkaline settings, a “purified” or “filtered” setting which is the setting you will use when taking medications or dispensing water to have with a meal, and four acidic settings.


LCD Display

The Genesis Platinum LCD Display gives you a LOT of information on the display screen. Your PH, ORP, Filter life level and diagnostics are all displayed on the LCD screen on the front of the unit. As you make changes to your PH or ORP settings or switch modes, you’ll see your changes on the screen as you work. The LCD also shows your remaining filter life. Should you have any issues that are affecting the performance of your Genesis you’ll be alerted on the screen as well.

When adusting the settings you will find that the max pH that will display will be a 10.2 or 10.5 and the max ORP that will display will be a -450 or -550. You should be aware that the pH and ORP figures displayed by ANY water ionizer are not readings from an actual internal meter but rather estimates based on the amount of power being delivered to the plates on each setting.

The reason that actual pH and ORP meters are not used in water ionizers has to do with the maintenace required to maintain accurate readings. PH and ORP meters have to be recalibrated on a regular basis – every two to four weeks – and it is not possible or feasible to open up a unit to the point where a meter would need to be installed every two to four weeks to recalibrate these meters. In most cases, the pH and ORP numbers displayed are conservative. Most customers report their testing shows higher pH readings than the level shown on the screen. Customers who have purchased pH and ORP meters also frequently report readings that are higher than what is displayed on the screen.

Warranty & Money Back Guaranty

The Genesis Platinum comes with a full 5-year warranty on parts and labor. Should you have a problem with your Genesis Platinum during the warranty period, simply contact Water for Life USA directly – or if you purchased your Genesis Platinum from Water Ionizer Authority, contact US directly and we’ll make arrangements for any repairs under warranty. Repairs are usually made the same day the unit is received at the repair facility and shipped back to the customer the next business day.
Should you decide for any reason that you want to return your IonQuench, you have 60 days from the date the package is signed for to return the product. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges and a 15% restocking fee.

As with all water ionizer purchases from Water Ionizer Authority – if at any time during the 60-day money back guaranty period you decide that the Genesis Platinum is not right for you and would prefer to try another unit – depending on the “swap out unit” you choose, Water Ionizer Authority may absorb a portion of the restocking fee.

My goal is to ensure that Water Ionizer Authority customers are satisfied with their water ionizer purchase.

Summary & Conclusions

All in all I liked the original KYK Genesis unit and expect the Genesis Platinum to continue to be a big winner with customers. This unit has all of the features, functions and adjustability as the original Genesis but with an updated silver/white color, more user-friendly alkaline contols and an overall sleeker look.. Several customers chose a unit other than the KYK Genesis because they just didn’t like the red/black/white color palette – I expect the redesigned Genesis Platinum to continue to be a strong seller in 2010 with the silver/white styling that blends better with more kitchen decors.

When you compare the amount of machine you get for your money, the Genesis Platinum often comes out right near the top. Patented slotted-mesh plate design with approximately 220 of plate surface area and 150 watt SMPS power system allow the unit to consistently and effectively produce ionized water at the selected levels in most areas. The automatic self-cleaning system means that you will never have to wait for a cleaning cycle to end as is the case with some water ionizers. The Genesis Platinum, just like the old KYK Genesis, automatically runs a cleaning cycle after each use so that when you’re ready for your next glass of ionized water the IonQuench is ready to give you what you want.

The company does all repairs in the United States within a reasonable amount of time and certainly well within the warranty repair policies of most companies.

The Genesis Platinum retails for $1,695 but keep your eyes open for sales! Water for Life USA often surprises dealers with sales offering ten to 15 percent discounts. You’ll want to check with me here at Water Ionizer Authority for the best pricing. I sell these units with “Bonus Packs” through my Water for Life USA affiliate site including items that will reduce your 1st year maintenance cost, ensure long-term protection of your unit and offer options for enjoying alkaline ionized water at work or when you travel. Special packages can be developed for those with specific source water or pre-filtration needs or concerns. You *will* need to contact me about bonus pack items when purchasing through my Water for Life USA affiliate page.

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