Hangover Relief

Hangover Relief

Most of us have done it at least once in our lives – had a little “too  much fun” – too much to drink, too many goodies at the party the night before.  The next day, all you want is a little R & R – rest and RELIEF.

If you are a water ionizer owner you’ve got one of the best home-remedies for overindulgence you can find.

Drinking alkaline ionized water “the day after” helps your body eliminate the toxins you consumed and created by over-consumption the night before.  While you should never drink alkaline ionized water higher than a 9.5 pH on a regular basis, many find that a glass of stronger alkaline water helps ease stomach upset.

Consuming alcohol – especially in “party-size” quantities – can dehydrate the body causing many “day after” ailments and contributes to that hangover headache.  By drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water the next morning your body can rehydrate more quickly and many find that their hangover symptoms are relieved more quickly.

Whether your overindulgence is epic in proportion or you just consumed a few things that you normally avoid, here are a few ways alkaline ionized water can help your body recover.

Headache?  I personally take aspirin in powdered form with 6 ounces of the strongest alkaline water I can produce – then chase it a few minutes later with 8 ounces of 9.5 water.  Between the powder aspirin form and water’s ability to speed the medicine into my system I, like many others who have tried this, have had relief in as little as 5 minutes.  Be sure to continue to drink plenty of water at 9.5 to 8.5 pH throughout the day to help your body rehydrate and eliminate excess toxins that leave you feeling “blah.”

Nausea?  Alkaline ionized water is one of the best antacids you’ll find.  Nibble on a few crackers or dry toast, sip on alkaline ionized water – a peppermint LifeSaver can help as well – to relieve that queasy feeling.  Remember – nausea is one of the body’s self-defense mechanisms designed to eliminate something that the body doesn’t want, need or can’t handle.  Alkaline ionized water helps the body eliminate toxins while reducing the need to “bow” at the “porcelain alter.”

Fatigue & feeling “drained?”  As alkaline ionized water helps the body eliminate toxins it is also re-hydrating and helping to increase blood oxygen levels.  One of the earliest benefits alkaline ionized water drinkers notice is an increase in physical and mental energy.  Drinking plenty of alkaline ionized water as part of your “post-celebration recovery program” can help restore your energy level.

Cammomile or Peppermint teas have been found to relieve nausea as well – when you make your tea with strong alkaline ionized water you’ll find the tea brews stronger, faster and with a smoother, richer flavor.

Valerian Root – available in liquid or capsule form – relieves just about any kind of stomach upset.  It can also ease muscle tension and headaches.  Taken with alkaline ionized water, your body will help this herb get where it needs to go to help relieve symptoms.

Lavender essential oil massaged in at the temples, top of the head and over the eyes has provided relief from headache pain for many.  Rubbing the area gently with a cloth dampened with strong alkaline ionized water will help the essential oil penetrate for better relief.  Inhaling a bit of Lavender essential oil can also help – my preference is to use both Lavender and Rosemary or Eucalyptus essential oils for this kind of aroma therapy.

Although the thought of bright light may be a turnoff – sunlight offers many healing and restorative benefits.  If possible, spend a little time “recovering” in the sun – soak up a few rays for a few minutes if at all possible.

Most important – drink plenty of water.  Whether or not you own a water ionizer or have access to alkaline ionized water, if you’ve over-indulged in food, alcohol or both your body needs water to rehydrate.  Water also helps the body eliminate the toxins that are created when we over indulge.

©Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority