Healthy Gifts, Great Gifts, Under $100

Healthy Gifts, Great Gifts, Under $100

These are great gift ideas for health-minded friends and family members.  Eco-friendly and affordable, these little gems have been big winners here at water ionizer authority.

Many customers who have purchased these products have come right back to purchase another one or two (or sometimes more!) for friends, family members or co-workers.  They make great gifts for any occasion and are easy on both the environment and your wallet!

Bio-Magic Laundry Globe

One of my personal favorites!  Thanks to this little green ball I haven’t used laundry detergent in almost two years.

Traditional laundry detergents alter the pH of the water and reduce surface tension so that dirt and oils are released from fabrics and into the water.

The Bio Magic Laundry Globe does the same thing only without chemicals or detergents.  The globe itself is filled with ceramic beads that interact with minerals in your water.  As the beads come in contact with the water, the “magic” happens – pH is raised, surface tension is reduced and your clothes are cleaned without chemicals or detergents that can fade fabrics over time.

This is a great gift idea for households with new babies, people with sensitive skin or those looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional chemical/detergent laundry products.  Even with double rinse cycles, some detergent residue is often left in fabrics.  No detergent, no residue.  And no chemicals or detergents going down the drain and back into the environment.

I’ve used the Bio Magic Laundry Globe for almost 2 years now and have saved tremendously on both laundry detergent and fabric softener.  Clothes come out clean, soft and fresh.  I recommend pre-treating stains with a product like Spray’n’Wash or with a dab of “baby detergent” for those with sensitive skin.  Even if you do pre-treat stains you’ll save on laundry detergent & fabric softener and you’ll be sending fewer chemicals back into the environment.

The Bio Magic Laundry Globe sells for $45.95 plus shipping, lasts for over 1,000 loads of laundry and can be used in both traditional or high-efficiency washers & dryers.

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H2Go Portable Ionizer

Hands down our best seller here at Water Ionizer Authority – and most of our orders come from friends and family members of existing H2Go customers.

The H2Go Portable is ideal for those looking to have alkaline ionized water while at work or when traveling.  Small enough to fit into an over-sized purse and when empty you can pass through airport security hassle free – then fill it up before you board the plane – you can filter up to 20 ounces of water in about a minute.

You’ll have clean, filtered, alkaline ionized antioxidant water available from any tap.  The H2Go filters out chlorine and other common contaminants so any typical safe drinking water can be used.  The magnetic element and bio-ceramics in the filter interact with minerals in the source water to raise the pH and create a negative ORP.

The H2Go filter will last for around 3 months if used daily and replacement filters are sold in packs of 3.  The H2Go alone (with single filter) sells for $64.95 and the replacement filter 3-pack is also $64.95.  This product is also available in a “combo” which includes the H2Go (with single filter) and a 3-pack of replacement filters for $121.95.  Buying the combo you’ll get a year’s worth of alkaline ionized water and save a little on the first replacement filter pack purchase.

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ANY Shower Filter

Again, this is a great gift for households with new babies or people with sensitive skin – or for anyone wanting to improve the condition of their skin and hair.   Your body can take in more chlorine during an average shower than you would absorb by spending a day in the pool.

The steam that makes a shower or bath so relaxing contains chlorine which we end up inhaling.  As the warm or hot water opens our pores our bodies absorb more through the skin.  A shower filter will eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of chlorine in your shower or bath.  Hair is softer and more manageable, skin is softer, smoother and most people find their post-shower moisturizer becomes more effective.

When used with a hand-held wand, giving babies and small children a chlorine free bath is easy.  Mom or dad can enjoy a soak in a chlorine-free tub by propping the hand-held wand up on the side of the tub and filling it with water from the filter.  After my very first chlorine-free shower I noticed a difference in my skin as soon as I started drying off.  I knew I didn’t want to soak in a chlorine tub ever again.  Propping the hand-held shower wand up against the side of the tub was easy and my soaks in the tub leave my skin much softer.

We offer several shower filters in our store.  My personal favorite is the Alkalux Vitamin C filter.  It uses vitamin C powder to neutralize chlorine, it’s relatively compact – and best of all, it’s CLEAR – I can actually SEE when it’s time to change my “C-filter.”

You may change your filter a little more often with the Alkalux Vitamin C shower filter but I’m not convinced that I was changing the filter on my previous shower filters often enough.  There was such a dramatic difference in my hair and skin after replacing the old shower filter with a new cartridge – I think it had become significantly less effective well before the recommended “change filter” date.  With my C filter, I know when it’s time to change it because I can SEE when it’s empty.

Most shower filters range from $35 to $65 with replacement cartridge prices from $25 – $55.  To view the shower filter products that we carry please click on the image below.

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