Helena P and her Tyent 7070

Helena P and her Tyent 7070

Helen is a preschool teacher in New Jersey.

While her initial interest in water ionizers was related to her ongoing efforts to maintain her health in a safe and natural way, she found an added benefit after several months – and “sniffly” preschoolers later.

Helen had a lot of questions before deciding that a water ionizer was right for her – and then deciding which water ionizer might best suit her needs.  Eventually she decided on Tyent’s 7070 model – I recently heard back from her, here’s what she had to say….

Dear Romi,
I want to thank you so much for always being so available to me whenever I have questions or need your feedback on my Tyent 7070 water filter. Your professionalism, personal assistance and willingness to help made me feel very comfortable when I was researching water filters. I felt greatly inspired by your attitude. I remember when looking for assistance, the conversations were lengthened because you were so willing to offer more help in what you were selling. Your unbiased view on different water filters made me feel very comfortable with the unit that I bought. You gave me a lot of information that showed me that you have a genuine interest through the in depth and technical research on your part. After reading many of your written articles I felt very impressed by all the knowledge you demonstrate in your presentation. I was also smitten by your enthusiasm and eagerness to share the benefits coming from all your personal stories. I will highly recommend you to all of my friends and people that are interested in buying a product that will greatly aid in improving health on all levels.  I work as a preeschool teacher and I am constantly exposed to children with illnesses but my immune system seems to stay strong and healthy after using the Ionized water every day. It is an investment well worth taking part in.
Sincerely, Helena

Thank you for sharing your story, Helena!  I’m glad you’ve been happy both with your Tyent and the benefits of drinking the water.

As of late last year, Tyent now only offers the TURBO version of the 7070 water ionizer.  The Alkalux 2507 is comparable to the original Tyent 7070 in both size, plates and wattage.  So far I’ve been comfortable recommending the Alkalux to customers who were interested in the Tyent 7070 but not comfortable with the “turbo” price.

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If you’re considering a water ionizer please take a moment to review the Tyent models currently available or the Alkalux as a more affordable

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alternative.  I’m here to answer any questions you might have!