Holiday Cooking with Alkaline Ionized Water

Holiday Cooking with Alkaline Ionized Water

Christmas TurkeyIn my family “Turkey Dinner” is the traditional meal at both Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Thanksgiving 2008 was when I first experienced what a difference alkaline ionized  water could make in how juicy my holiday turkeys came out.  If you’re a water ionizer owner and plan to cook a turkey for Christmas I highly recommend trying this yourself.  Once you start cooking with ionized water, you’ll never go back!

This will work whether you’re cooking a whole turkey or just a breast.

You’ll need a very large stainless steel pot – large enough to hold your turkey.  I throw in some fresh herbs and salt for seasoning.

  1. Rinse the turkey thoroughly and be sure to remove the “stuff” that usually comes packed inside.
  2. Drop your turkey “head first” into the stainless steel pot.
  3. I break up some fresh rosemary, thyme and oregano and put it inside the turkey.  (optional)fresh herbs
  4. Add a tablespoon or two of salt (optional) – a family chef friend who trained in Paris told me that Kosher salt does not dry out meat the way regular table salt can – I’ve used Kosher salt ever since.
  5. You can crush some extra fresh herbs and add them to the water if you like.  Rolling the herbs between your palms will break them open a bit so that the flavor can be released into the water.  (optional)
  6. Set your water ionizer on the highest alkaline setting and begin filling the pot.  Make sure you fill the inside of the turkey as well.
  7. Stir the water a bit to distribute the salt and extra herbs.
  8. Cover the pot and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to cook.
  9. For midday meals I’ll marinade the turkey overnight – if I’m serving an evening turkey dinner I may wait until first thing the “morning of” to give my turkey its alkaline soak.
  10. When you’re ready to start cooking, drain the turkey and give it a rinse with fresh alkaline water at the highest setting.  If you want to use the herbs from the soak  for cooking, give them a quick rinse with fresh alkaline water at the highest setting as well.
  11. Put your turkey in the pan and season/prepare as you usually would.  I throw the herbs from that were soaking with the turkey inside the bird.
  12. Everything else is the same as your normal turkey-cooking routine.  Cook as directed and baste as you like.

I’ve always done okay with turkeys but I am still amazed at just how moist and juicy my alkaline-marinated turkey’s come out.   You will be too!

Other Holiday Alkaline Kitchen Tips

  • When preparing a turkey dinner I always pick up a couple of turkey legs or wings to boil for stock that I use for gravy and seasoning my dressing.  For this I use alkaline ionized water at the highest setting.  As the water evaporates I keep adding more.  I’ll season with a little kosher salt to taste – and depending on the recipe I may throw in some fresh herbs as well.  I love cooking with fresh herbs.
  • ANY marinade will benefit from adding alkaline ionized water at the highest setting.  Just as the water penetrates our cells faster when consumed, it also helps penetrate meats and vegetables allowing the seasonings in your marinade to work better.
  • Salad dressings made with alkaline ionized water at the highest setting blend better and stay blended better.
  • Anything “starchy” like potatoes or rice I cook in acid water.   6.0 – 4.0 is fine – whatever your unit will produce.  Using alkaline water for starchy foods tends to make them too “mushy.”
  • If you’re not making your coffee with alkaline ionized water at the highest setting you’re missing out.  The water smooths the flavor of the coffee and you’ll find that you can get a full rich flavor using less coffee because of the way the water draws the essence from the ground beans.
  • Somebody’s going to spill something somewhere they didn’t mean to this holiday season.  Don’t panic.  Again, using the highest alkaline setting, soak a clean sponge or cloth in the water and lightly dab the area.  The water will help pull whatever you’ve spilled from the fabric.  Keep rinsing the sponge or cloth, re-wetting with alkaline water and dabbing the area until the stain is removed.
  • Any cooked on or dried on messes in the kitchen will come up much more quickly when you use strong alkaline water.
  • Did you burn something this year?  NO PROBLEM.  Once you scrape out as much of the burnt stuff as possible, cover what’s left with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of alkaline ionized water (again, at the highest setting) and let it soak.  Putting the pot on the stove on the lowest heat setting or the baking pan in the oven at the lowest setting will help as well – just for 5 – 10 minutes.  You can let the pot or pan continue to soak for as long as you like.
  • The first time I tried using alkaline water to help clean up a burned-on mess I was shocked.  I was expecting to spend a lot of time and “elbow-grease” scraping and scrubbing.  Instead, I ran the scrubber side of my sponge over the bottom of the pan with the water still in it and everything came right off!

One last note for water ionizer owners – Remember, alkaline ionized water should not be consumed with meals or near mealtime.  The alkalinity of the water can neutralize the acids in the stomach that our bodies  need to break down foods so that we can properly digest them and so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients.  I recommend a 45 minute window between meals and alkaline water.

If you’ve got an “alkaline cooking” story or recipe you’d like to share I’d love to hear it!  You can send it to me by e-mail (romi.sink (at)

However you celebrate this holiday season I wish you health and happiness.

Romi Sink
Water Ionizer Authority

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