Ionized Athlete Fall Training

Ionized Athlete Fall Training

Back Cover of Gill Athletics Fall Catalog

Our Ionized Athlete, Mark Hollis, has begun his fall training and meet schedule.  He’s done great so far this year, winning the USA National Men’s Championship title and continues on the road towards Olympic trials.  He was recently featured on the back cover of Gill Athletics fall catalog with his USA title.

While there are several events between now and then, the stepped up training regimen and all of those other meets are all part of the plan to take his next big step towards Olympic trials – that is winning the 2011 World Championship in August of next year.

From Mark’s blog:

Now its easy for me to tell people that Im training for the Olympics, because most dont understand the concept of USA Championships or World Championships which happen every year.  But in 2011 the World Championships in August is the main goal we are training towards.

Whether you are a competing athlete working your way towards a major goal like the 2012 Olympic team or just someone who is looking to get more out of their regular exercise routine, adding alkaline ionized water to your plan can help improve your performance.   Better hydration, improved blood oxygen levels and increased alkalinity to combat sore, tired muscles all help you get the most out of any workout or

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physical performance.

In my family I have 2 boys in marching bands and my extended-by-remarriage family includes the owner of a gym and her daughter who is on her high school volleyball team.   They all carry their GoodLife bottles or CamelBak filled with alkaline ionized water to help them stay hydrated and performing at their best.  My father, who – at 71 – is still a die-hard do-it-yourself yard guy, learned how drinking alkaline ionized water almost eliminated the aches and pains he felt after a long day working in his oversized yard.

For me personally, it’s the mental stamina that has been a great benefit.  Long hours writing and researching, often well into the night – I used to stay at it by sipping coffee.  Since I got my first water ionizer a few years ago my late night “keep me going” drink has been alkaline ionized water.

Mark Hollis, our ionized athlete and Olympic hopeful, first learned about alkaline ionized water at one of his meets when talking with another competitor.  It’s out there – more and more professional athletes are learning about the enhanced performance potential of drinking alkaline ionized water.  Mark uses Tyent’s TURBO 7070 and travels with an H2Go.

Even non-athletes report improved mental and emotional stamina as well as increased resistance to colds and viruses that are often passed around this time of year.  Alkaline ionized water is filtered water taken to the next level – micro-clustered for better absorption and antioxidant water, able to help reduce toxins in your system so that your body can work as nature intended.

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