Ionized Water and Calcium Deficiency

Ionized Water and Calcium Deficiency

calcium deficiencyBelieve it or not, the water that you drink can have a lot to do with the amount of nutrients and minerals that your body is able to absorb. First, it’s important that you understand exactly how important it is that your body be able to absorb the proper amount of nutrients including calcium.  Next, you want to make sure that the water you are drinking is helping you absorb minerals, not drawing them from your body.

Let’s take a look at how the water you drink affects your body’s ability to absorb, and properly properly process, calcium and other minerals – The consumption and absorption of an adequate amount of minerals is extremely important to the overall health of your body.   When your body is able to soak up the right amount of minerals, the body’s conductivity of electricity is at a healthy level leading to a healthy and effective nervous system and strong bones. The pH level of your body has a lot to do with the ability of various minerals such as calcium to be absorbed.  Each specific mineral or nutrient has its own pH level that allows for it to be efficiently absorbed by the body and its blood.

A Little More About Calcium

Calcium is an alkaline mineral.  In addition to maintaining strong bones it also helps maintain the body’s proper pH balance.  In the blood, toxins (acidity) are displaced by calcium to maintain proper eye, lung and muscle function and for the proper synthesis of hormones and enzymes.  Calcium is so important that the body has a natural metabolic mechanism that keeps blood serum levels at 1% calcium.

This metabolic mechanism is hardwired and virtually unstoppable.  If the body is not getting/absorbing enough calcium it will begin robbing calcium from other areas of the body – like teeth and bones.  But calcium is also used for proper muscle function.  Deterioration of eyesight can be related to the body’s need for calcium in the blood.   Loss of flexibility and muscle tone can occur as the calcium is rationed to make sure the nervous system gets what it needs.

Absorption is the Key

Most people over the age of 40-something are taking some sort of calcium supplement – which is good – but taking it is only half of the equation.  It needs to be properly absorbed by the body.   When not properly absorbed, calcium deposits can form in the eyes, on the eyelids, the lungs, heart and other muscles in the body.  Calcium kidney stones are also a result of calcium that has not been properly absorbed by the body.

For proper absorption, calcium should be accompanied by other nutrients.  Magnesium is one key mineral that aids the body’s ability to absorb calcium.  Eating calcium rich foods are the best source of calcium because they typically contain nutrients that help the body absorb the mineral.  But there’s another “trick” to absorbing calcium that water ionizer owners/users know.  It has to do with the properties of alkaline ionized water – and it’s one of the reasons I decided to get a water ionizer for myself and my family.

The Water Ionizer Factor

When water goes through a water ionizer it is restructured at the molecular level.  The water clusters are smaller and their structure is hexagonal which is the structur  of healthy cells in nature.  The reduced water cluster size and hexagonal structure allow the body to absorb “ionized” water at  a higher rate than regular tap, bottled or “purified” water.  Not only is the water better absorbed by the cells of our bodies, the dissolved minerals in the water are also better absorbed by the body.

Water that has not been purified by reverse osmosis or distillation will contain minerals, including calcium and magnesium.  While water ionizers filter out chlorine, heavy metals and other common contaminants, they do NOT remove any minerals from the water.  All of the minerals found in your source water are more readily absorbed by your body.

In addition to being able to better absorb the minerals in ionized water, the properties of the water will also enhance the absorption of anything taken with the water.  Mineral supplements will be better absorbed for use by the body.  Vitamins and most nutritional supplements are also better absorbed and used by the body when they are taken with alkaline ionized water.  Got a headache?  Try taking your aspirin with alkaline ionized water.  When I take powdered aspirin with alkaline ionized water I’ve had relief from my headache in as little as 5 minutes.

People who have suffered with bone and joint pain, often symptoms of calcium deficiency, have reported relief after they began drinking alkaline ionized water.  I had been suffering with pain in my hips for several years before I got my first water ionizer.  After about 5 days I noticed that the pain was gone.  My father had the same experience – after a week or two the stiffness and pain in his joints went away.